Poll Workers Harassed: Allegations Connected to Trump’s Georgia Indictment

It’s possible that Donald Trump and members of his 2020 campaign team will be at the center of the case brought by Fulton County, Georgia, because of the harassment they inflicted on two Black women—a mother and her adult daughter—after they were singled out in election conspiracy theories.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Wednesday that Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss testified at length to a grand jury empaneled by District Attorney Fani Willis to hear her agency’s evidence against the Trump campaign and the former president himself about the death threats and racist harassment they experienced as a result of their participation as poll workers in the 2020 election.

During a hearing scheduled by a Georgia Senate subcommittee, former president George W. Bush’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, directly accused the two of being involved in stealing ballots as part of his failed efforts to establish fraud had happened in the election.

“Look at them scurrying around with the ballots. Nobody in the room. Hiding around. They look like they’re passing out dope, not just ballots. It is quite clear they’re stealing votes,” he said. If Mr. Trump or his legal team are indicted, the newspaper reports that several others who have been accused of participating in the harassment will also be charged.

The tweet below verifies the news:

An attorney for Ruby and Shaye said in a statement to the Journal-Constitution, “We hope to see accountability for those who led and profited from the smear campaign against Ruby and Shaye.” It must be said that some of the blame has already been assigned.

After being sued in a Dominion Voting Systems–style litigation, One America News reached a settlement with the two ladies; other lawsuits have been filed against Mr. Giuliani and the right-wing gossip blog Gateway Pundit. The jurors who spoke to the newspaper did not reveal which individuals were under scrutiny or whether any of them will be nominated for charges.

However, publicist and self-described “capitalist media manipulator” Trevian Kutti, who has worked with Kanye West and R. Kelly in the past, appears to have drawn the grand jury’s attention. The grand jury summons alleges that Kutti, Freeman, and Harrison Floyd (the leader of Black Voices for Trump and a former state politician) conspired to get Freeman to admit to being involved in election fraud during a three-person phone call.

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Both Ms. Floyd and Ms. Kutti were subpoenaed by the grand jury, but neither of them testified. Within the next week or two, we should see indictments in the case. For a candidate who is presently leading in his party’s presidential primary race, the former president’s mounting legal bills are a stunning burden.

He is currently fighting 78 separate criminal charges spanning two jurisdictions and three criminal proceedings. Mr. Trump has consistently denied any responsibility for any of the allegations made against him.

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