Pop Singer Gloria Trevi Caught In New Sex-Cult Accusations

Gloria Trevi, one of Mexico’s most well-known pop singers, has once more been charged with “grooming” and abusing minors in the early 1990s for the gain of her former producer Sergio Andrade.

Two Jane Does claim that Trevi, now 54, and Andrade started having intercourse with them when they were just 13 and 15 years old, respectively, using their “role, status, and authority,” much of the abuse taking place in Los Angeles County.

The two Jane Does are described in the complaint as “survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual battery, assault, molestation, and abuse” at the hands of the defendants. It also claims that the abuse has left them with “severe emotional pain, worry, nervousness, wrath, and dread.”

The 30-page civil lawsuit, which Variety has access to and which Rolling Stone first reported on Wednesday, was filed in Los Angeles on December 30.

The documents refer to Trevi and Andrade anonymously as Jane Doe defendants rather than by their full names, although it is clear that they are involved from the descriptions and the coincident tour dates and record releases: Andrade is said to as “one of the most successful music producers in Mexico,” while Trevi is referred to as “a famous and popular pop musician, and one of the most highly rewarded female performers in Latin America.”

Variety’s request for comments was not immediately answered by Trevi’s representatives.

The California Child Victims Act, which temporarily delayed the statute of limitations for claims involving child sexual assault for a period of three years, was just barely met by the filing.

Trevi and Andrade were first charged in the 1990s with corrupting and abusing children, and in January 2000, they were detained together with backup vocalist Mara Raquenel Portillo for their suspected involvement in a cult-like sex ring. The accusations made by former vocalist Karina Yapor, who said she was coerced into having sex with Andrade, served as the basis for the arrests.

Trevi was sentenced to four years in a Chihuahua prison before being cleared of the accusations in 2004. She then carried on with her career, recording albums that went to number one on the charts and performing in stadiums. She said in an emotional statement at the Latin American Music Awards in 2018 that Andrade—whom she didn’t mention by name—dragged her into a life of abuse and manipulation when she was barely 15 years old.

The complaint demands a jury trial and damages, the amount of which will be decided at trial. At the end of January, Trevi will perform three times in Mexico City.

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