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Pope Francis Recovering in Hospital, Faithful Await Video Message

Pope Francis Recovering in Hospital, Faithful Await Video Message

Pope Francis Recovering in Hospital, Faithful Await Video Message

The Vatican reported on Saturday that Pope Francis had another peaceful night at the Rome hospital where he is recuperating from abdominal surgery.

Francis, 86, underwent the procedure on Wednesday to treat an abdominal wall hernia and remove scar tissue that had developed as a result of intestinal operations in the past.

Later in the day, according to the Vatican, more information on the pope’s health status will be made available.

ANI Digital posted a tweet on Pope’s health:

In the meantime, tens of thousands of people were anticipated in St. Peter’s Square for an event at the Vatican in the late afternoon to promote fraternity, a value so dear to Francis that he published an encyclical on its significance in 2020. In that document, the pope outlined his ideas for a post-COVID society based on equality, fraternity, and environmental protection.

The pope’s video speech was anticipated by the gathering. It wasn’t immediately apparent if Francis had made the recording prior to surgery or while he was in the hospital.

Francis has reportedly been reading newspapers while seated in an armchair in the papal accommodation on the 10th floor of Gemelli Polyclinic, as well as working and praying, according to the Vatican.

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He has not yet been given a release date from the hospital.

The pontiff had no difficulties during the three-hour procedure or as a result of the general anesthetic, according to his surgeon, who spoke to reporters shortly afterward.

The surgical team performed the procedure to remove adhesions, a common type of internal scarring following prior surgery. Francis had a portion of his colon removed two years prior due to intestinal constriction. The physicians also fixed a hernia that had grown over a preexisting scar during the procedure on Wednesday by inserting a prosthetic mesh that acts as a support.

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