Three People Have Been Killed in the Orlando Park Shooting in Poppy Park, According to Authorities

According to the Orlando Police Department, three individuals were killed and several others were injured in a mass shooting on Easter Sunday night near a community park in the city. A teen and two adults were killed in the shooting that occurred near Poppy Park in the Carver Shores area, Orlando police said in a Monday press release. Two additional adults were hospitalized with injuries.

The police claimed that one of the individuals was in serious condition and the other’s injuries were not life-threatening. Police in Orlando stated on Monday that allegations that an 18-month-old had been shot by a county commissioner were false.

Jamal Watson, age 38, Tristan Morgan, age 16, and Patriza Deterville, age 33, were the three fatalities. When the incident occurred, Deterville and one of the injured victims were at their grandmother’s house across the street from the park.

Poppy Park shooting

The elderly lady who did not want to provide her name said, “They’re innocent bystanders.” A bullet went through the head of one and the liver of the other. Someone started firing at a car on the street when her grandchildren were sitting outside her house on Easter Sunday, she added.

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According to her, her grandkids were caught in the crossfire, and although she is grieving the loss of one, another is still battling for her life in the hospital. “They love me, so they want to come be with their grandmother – not knowing it was going to be one of the last times they see me,” she said.

“I don’t understand it… if you got beef with other people, you don’t have to kill them.” No information about a suspect or the circumstances leading up to the shooting has been released by investigators at this time. Yet they insisted that “everyone has been tallied” and that “there is no need to search further.”

In an email to FOX 35 News, a representative said that no arrests had been made and that police were not actively seeking any individuals. When police arrived to the park, they verified that there had been a nearby event.

On Monday morning, yellow police tape was still in place next to what appeared to be the remnants of an Easter celebration, including plastic eggs, playing cards, and candy wrappers. The Orlando Police Department has promised a full press conference later this week.

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