Pottstown, Pennsylvania Explosion Leaves 4 dead, 2 injured

POTTSTOWN, Pa. At least four individuals were killed in a house explosion in Montgomery County, Maryland.

It happened around Hale and Butler streets in Pottstown at 8 p.m.

One neighbour told Action News, “We ran down the street and saw a damaged house.”

Pennsylvania Explosion
Pennsylvania Explosion

Two persons were hospitalised for unknown injuries, and two others may still be missing, said Pottstown Borough Manager Justin Keller.

Police have not identified the victims at this time.

Eunice Rome didn’t know the residents, but her grandson attended to school with some of the youngsters.

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Lawrence: “I was crying because they died.” Pottstown is boring.

After the detonation, neighbourhood debris was strewn. Drone footage showed destruction.

Police, firefighters, and EMS responded.

Thursday night, ATF, Pennsylvania State Police, the fire marshal’s office, and the Red Cross arrived.

Early Friday, crews were still pumping water on the blast site.

Residents describe hearing a boom and witnessing a fire.

“I believed an earthquake hit when the house shook. We went outdoors to see what happened “Neighbor:

Christian Gonzalez thought he heard thunder.

He believed it was close thunder, but it shook the neighbourhood.

Explosion cause is under study.

Neighbors are baffled.

Zynir Felton and a friend observed people being rescued.

Keller said residents in need could go to Pottstown High School.

Friday’s classes are cancelled in Pottstown.

Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez said, “These families have our prayers. Counselors and psychologists will be available when schools reopen.”

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