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Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot in Seattle Car

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot in Seattle Car

On Tuesday morning, authorities in downtown Seattle announced that a 34-year-old pregnant woman had been shot and murdered inside a vehicle. The Seattle Police Department reported that a 37-year-old man was in the car when a gunman opened fire on it while it was stopped at an intersection.

According to CBS station KIRO-TV, Sung Kwon and Eina Kwon were named as victims in court filings, and a modest memorial has been set up beside the traffic signal where first responders attempted to save Eina Kwon’s life after the shooting.

According to Seattle police, Eina Kwon passed away at Harborview Medical Center as a result of her wounds. According to a probable cause statement obtained by The Seattle Times, the woman gave birth to a stillborn child at the hospital when she was eight months along.

The Associated Press reports that Sung Kwon was still in the hospital on Wednesday due to an arm injury. An acquaintance of Eina Kwon’s named Michael Hoyle told KIRO-TV that Kwon was “the most selfless person” he knew.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“She was just a really, really giving person,” Hoyle told the station. “She had a kid on the way with her family and she leaves behind another little one and uh, who’s gonna help them? Who’s gonna make sure that he can sustain a restaurant now that he’s gone through this tragedy?”

The suspect in the shooting has been apprehended by police in Seattle. Following witness information, police located the suspect “a short distance from the scene” of the attack and arrested him. Officers were also able to retrieve a handgun.

Seattle PD detectives are treating the gunshot as a possible homicide. The latest information was released by authorities late Tuesday afternoon, and according to KIRO-TV, they believe the perpetrator may have targeted Sung Kwon and Eina Kwon at random. CBS News tried to get in touch with the Seattle Police Department, but did not hear back from them right away.

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The suspect, a 30-year-old man who matched witness descriptions of the shooter, reportedly told Seattle police officers, “I did it, I did it,” before telling investigators that he had seen a firearm inside the Kwons’ vehicle and reacted by firing his gun. The Associated Press cited Seattle police in making this claim.

A prosecutor’s spokesman told the Associated Press that a judge had found probable cause to hold the defendant while homicide, assault, and illegal gun possession charges were investigated. As of Wednesday, he had not been accused of anything.

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