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Prince Andrew Wife: An On and Off Relationship with Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew Wife

Prince Andrew Wife

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have a very unusual relationship: although divorcing in 1996, they remain close and even cohabitate at Windsor. Have a close look in their relationship ahead.

All About Prince Andrew Wife Sarah Ferguson and Their On and Off Relationship

The Duke and Duchess of York titles were bestowed upon the pair upon their marriage in 1986. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were their two children before they separated in 1992 and then divorced in 1996.

At the time of their divorce, Fergie, as Ferguson is affectionately known, told Oprah Winfrey, “You didn’t marry the fairytale, you married a man. You fell in love, you got married, and now you have to accept the fairytale. Now it’s reality rather than a fairytale.”

The former royal couple also had to deal with the challenges of “real life”: Fergie was implicated in the cash-for-access controversy in 2010, and Prince Andrew reached a settlement in a sexual assault case with Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s human trafficking, in 2022. Fergie has insisted that she has “made friends with past mistakes” despite the difficulties, and she still maintains a strong friendship with her ex-husband.

Fergie has remarked of her relationship with Andrew, “I think the amazing thing is we absolutely are the most extraordinary example of a unified family. He is the best dude I have ever met. He’s a wonderful gentleman who exudes pure goodness. He is a precious gem of goodness.”

A routine mammography screening discovered Fergie’s early-stage breast cancer diagnosis in June 2023, according to PEOPLE. The Duchess of York’s spokesperson further stated that Fergie “was advised she needed to undergo surgery, which has taken place successfully.”

Here is a closer examination of Sarah Ferguson and her history with Prince Andrew.

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Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Marriage

Following a brief courtship, Prince Andrew and Fergie were wed on July 23, 1986, at Westminster Abbey in London. They then made an appearance (and shared their first kiss as husband and wife) from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Only three months had passed since their March 1986 announcement of their engagement before the royal wedding.

Prince Edward, Andrew’s younger brother, acted as the best man, while Prince William, who was 4 years old at the time, was a page boy. Queen Elizabeth had the York Diamond Tiara made especially for Fergie as a wedding gift. Fergie wore it on her special day.

“We were married out of pure love. She revealed to Piers Morgan in 2011 that she had “married my man” when she walked down the aisle.”

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s Kids

Princess Beatrice, Fergie and Prince Andrew’s first child, was born in August 1988. Princess Eugenie, their daughter, was born 19 months later, in March 1990.

In a 2021 open letter to her girls, Fergie said, “Every day I thank the universe for giving me the opportunity to be your mother. My veins have always been filled with you. You have made my life full since you were young children. I am in awe of you both when I see how humble, funny, and joyful you are in your hearts.

The same year, she exclusively revealed to PEOPLE: “I’m British and self-deprecating. One thing, though, is that I’m a pretty excellent mother.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s Divorce

After almost six years of marriage, Fergie and Prince Andrew divorced legally in March 1992. Fergie gave her main reason for the split as the rigors of Andrew’s naval career. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Fergie claimed that during the first five years of their marriage, they only saw each other 40 days a year.

Later, in order to allow Fergie to pursue a career, the pair divorced in 1996.

She told Harper’s Bazaar, “I didn’t want a divorce, but I had to because of circumstance. “Andrew and I decided to make the divorce official so that I could go off and get a job because I wanted to work but it’s not proper for a princess of the royal house to be commercial.”

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