Princess Margaret Death: Why Was She Cremated?

Princess Margaret Death: In prior seasons of Netflix’s “The Crown,” Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, is the life of the party. The beautiful and witty princess, played by Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter, charms the audience with a gin and tonic and a flaming cigarette.

Those who knew Margaret have debated how much her habits affected her health later in life.

The last season of “The Crown” showed an ill-at-ease royal who enjoyed her drink and sought depression treatment. Season 5 stars Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret in her final years.

With the new season, here’s all you need to know about the princess’s health and death.

Who Was Princess Margaret?

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, as well as the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and the only sibling she had. She was given the title of Countess of Snowdon.

The majority of Margaret’s upbringing was spent at home with her parents and sister. Her life was turned upside down when her paternal uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson when she was just six years old.

After her sister was named the heir apparent, Margaret’s father was crowned king, placing Margaret in the position of second in line to the throne.

Princess Margaret Death

Over the course of the subsequent decades, as Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren were born, her position in the line of succession became less advantageous. It was suggested that the two sisters be sent to Canada as part of an evacuation plan during the Second World War; however, they chose to remain in Windsor Castle.

Margaret was just nine years old when the war began, and she became 15 not long after hostilities came to a conclusion, therefore she was not old enough to carry out any official responsibilities and instead maintained her schooling during those years.

Princess Margaret was given the endearing nickname of “Margot” inside the royal family after her birth on August 21, 1930, at 9:22 p.m. at Glamis Castle in Scotland, which was her mother’s ancestral home. Glamis Castle was located in Scotland.

She was the first member of the royal family to be born in Scotland since the 1600s and was in the direct line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom.

The royal obstetrician, Sir Henry Simson, performed the delivery of the baby girl.

The Home Secretary, J. R. Clynes, was there to witness the birth and confirm its legitimacy. The registration of her birth was held up for a few days so that she would not be numbered 13 in the parish register when it was finally completed.

On October 30, 1930, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang, presided over the baptism of Princess Margaret at the private chapel of Buckingham Palace.

Princess Margaret Death

Illness and incapacity plagued Margaret’s later life. She started smoking cigarettes in her early teens and smoked heavily for many years.

Mark Collins, a Priory Clinic psychiatrist, treated her depression after a nervous breakdown in the 1970s. Migraines, laryngitis, and bronchitis followed. She had part of her left lung removed on January 5, 1985, like her father 34 years earlier. While drinking regularly, she quit smoking in 1991.

Pneumonia hospitalized Margaret in January 1993. At her Mustique vacation home on February 23, 1998, she had a small stroke. In a toilet mishap early the following year, she sustained serious scalds to her feet, requiring help and wheelchair use.

After a second stroke, she was hospitalized on January 10, 2001. Strokes left her partially blind and left-sided paralyzed by March 2001. Margaret’s last public appearances were at her mother’s 101st birthday in August 2001 and her aunt Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester’s 100th birthday in December 2001.

Princess Margaret, 71, died in London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital at 06:30 (GMT) on 9 February 2002, one day after suffering another stroke and cardiac issues, three days after her father’s 50th death anniversary. Charles, then Prince of Wales, honored his aunt on television.

UK and foreign leaders expressed their sympathy. Private memorial services were held at St Mary Magdalene Church and Glamis Castle.

Why Was She Cremated?

Princess Margaret chose to be cremated so that her bones might fit next to her father King George VI’s tomb in a vault that was created specifically to house him, “royal watchers” told The New York Times following her death.

The princess decided to be cremated, going against what was generally expected of a member of the royal family and living up to her reputation as a renegade. Slough Crematorium performed her cremation.

The princess was the first member of the royal family to be cremated in the century since it was made legal, according to The Guardian.

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