Puppy Survives L.A. Police Chase After Being Thrown From Car

The Los Angeles Police Department said that a puppy that was thrown out of a moving car during a police chase through the city “emerged unharmed” and was saved by officers who came to help.

Authorities say that a wanted suspect threw the dog out of the car in a Michael Kors bag. The suspect was wanted in connection with an attempted murder and carjacking that happened in the area on March 26. Police were looking for the suspect on Friday afternoon. The chase went through several cities and ended about 10 miles south of where the original crime is said to have happened in Carson.

Puppy Was Given to South L.A. Animal Services

After the puppy was saved, it was given to South L.A. Animal Services, the LAPD’s public information officer wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“Miraculously the dog emerged unharmed and was rescued by responding LAPD officers,” the PIO wrote in one of several tweets about the pursuit. “The puppy is now in the care of South L.A. Animal Services, where it is presently being held pending an investigation into the abandonment concern that was noted during the pursuit.”

The Los Angeles Police Department says that three suspects were caught in connection with the chase. Gustavo Alvarez, 27, and Lynette Moreno, 27, both of Los Angeles, and Michelle Zamudio, 25, of Santa Monica, have been named by police.

Alvarez is charged with trying to kill someone and stealing a car on March 26. He is being held without bond on a charge of attempted murder. Los Angeles police say that Moreno and Zamudio are each responsible for “setting up” and driving a getaway car. Both are charged with trying to get away from the police, and Moreno is also charged with being an accomplice. Bail has been set at $67,000 and $75,000 for the last two suspects.

The police are still looking into the possible crimes.

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