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Vandalism at a Queens Church is Being Investigated as a Potential Hate Crime

Queens Church Vandalism Under Investigation (2)

Queens Church Vandalism Under Investigation (2)

Three adolescents were caught on camera smashing a statue at Holy Family Church in Queens, and the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Unit is still looking for them. Before Sunday morning Mass, CBS2 interviewed the pastor and other parishioners.

A mother of two children who learned Thursday night (about 10 p.m.) that vandalism had occurred outside her church in Fresh Meadows was filled with sorrow. “I’m upset about it. That means we have gotten to the core of weakness and hate to attack the church like this,” the mother, named Cynthia, said.

The three young adults removed the statue from behind the fence, traveled a short distance, and then tossed and smashed it to pieces. On Sunday, witnesses reported seeing remnants of the wreckage.

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The three suspects, according to police, are probably between 15 and 17 years old. “It’s really difficult, but I think they’re just playful, being playful, and it’s not right. They should respect this facility. This is a church,” a parishioner named Adele said.

Queens Church Vandalism Under Investigation

“I was very upset because this is like high school kids and there were three of them. One of them was videotaping the whole thing. I think it’s part of the whole TikTok challenge of vandalism,” said Father Sean Suckiel, the pastor of Holy Family Church.

Suckiel pointed out that this is nothing new, which only makes it more aggravating. He informed us that a local church had been attacked in January.

According to CBS,

“For a church, everything is donations and so it comes from people’s sacrifices and their own faith and so much more. So these statues really mean something to people. So people are upset. My question would be why would they do this? They really went out of their way to do this,” Suckiel said.

“There’s a lot to be said about what’s happening with our children today,” Cynthia said. According to CBS2, the angel statue has been in its current location for at least ten years. There is now a hole where it was.

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