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Queens Guy Pushed Stranger Onto Subway Train

Queens Guy Pushed Stranger Onto Subway Train

Queens Guy Pushed Stranger Onto Subway Train

A guy from Queens was charged with manslaughter on Tuesday for allegedly pushing an unknown person in front of a moving subway train following a pointless quarrel about a lost mobile phone.

The victim’s wife shouted out, “I demand justice for my husband.” I lost my spouse because of a phone call, she said.

Queens Guy Pushed Stranger Onto Subway Train

On Monday at around 4:45 p.m., Heriberto Quintana claims that Carlos Garcia pushed him off the F train platform at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave. station in Jackson Heights.

His distraught relatives informed the Daily News that Quintana, 48, was on his way to meet his wife Hilda Rojas and take her for dialysis treatment.

He was my assistance and my provider,” Rojas, 46, sobbed. “I’m all by myself now.”

The News has examined surveillance footage in which Garcia can be seen standing on the yellow line of the platform as the train pulls into the station.

There was an altercation that started when Quintana, who was wearing a red baseball cap, knocked into the suspect and Garcia dropped his phone on the train tracks.

“Are you not going to go fetch my phone?” According to the police, Garcia growled at Quintana.

The two guys can be seen grappling and rolling about on the crowded station until Quintana falls over the tracks and is hit by an approaching train.

The person was reportedly run over by two subway cars before the conductor could stop the train. Quintana was given CPR by firemen and paramedics, but they were unsuccessful.

Garcia was arrested by station police after shocked onlookers identified him as the guy who had attacked Quintana. Following an interrogation the previous day, he was charged with manslaughter on Tuesday.

Quintana was on his way home to his family’s home in Jamaica Hills, Queens, after a long day at the office.

The wife of our protagonist, Quinatana, has been suffering from renal illness for three years. As she put it, he drove her to dialysis three times a week.

According to Rojas, “He was in a panic because he had to take me to dialysis.”


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