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R Kelly Net Worth – Why He is In Prison & Lost His Fortune?

R Kelly Net Worth

R Kelly Net Worth

A native of Chicago, R Kelly is an award-winning songwriter, record producer, and vocalist. When he published his debut album, ‘Born Into the ’90s,’ he became a household name. As of July 2022, R Kelly net worth has completely evaporated following multiple lawsuits, problems, and even the “Surviving R Kelly” series.

Later in life, he focused on hip-hop music, eventually becoming one of the most well-known artists in the world for his songs like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition.”

New information came to light when R. Kelly released a new 19-minute song, in which he explains how he became broke.

Early Life

On 8 January 1967, Robert Sylvester Kelly was born in Chicago.

Kelly’s mom, Joanne, was a singer. In the absence of Kelly’s father, his mother cared for him and his three brothers and sisters on her alone. Kelly’s memoirs details how he was sexually abused on numerous occasions by a lady.

Kelly began performing on the streets of Chicago when he attended Kenwood Academy, where he sang Stevie Wonder’s “African Child.”

In 1989, he and a bunch of pals called themselves “MGM” (Musically Gifted Men). ‘Why You Wanna Play With Me’ was MGM’s debut single, and it was released in August of that year.

In 1991, Kelly secured a contract with Jive Records and went on to pursue a singing career.


After years of performing on the streets of Chicago, Kelly launched his singing career in 1991.

After signing with Jive Records, he released his debut album, Born Into The ’90s, the following year. Slow Dance (Hey Mr. Dj) and Honey Love were two of the most popular songs on his debut album.

Bump N’ Grind, his first No. 1 pop hit, came out in 1993. The epithet “Prince of Pillowtalk” stuck to him even after his mother’s death. Acknowledged by many as R&B’s supreme king, his 1996 hit single “I Believe I Can Fly” garnered him three Grammys the following year.

Some of Kelly’s most notable past collaborators are Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Gladys Knight, to name a few.

Throughout the 1990s, he was the undisputed king of R&B. “I’m Your Angel,” a duet he sang with Celine Dion on his 1998 album “R,” went on to sell over 7 million copies.

With their 1999 hit single “Satisfy You,” Kelly and Sean “Puffy” Combs topped the charts. Two years later, Kelly teamed up with rap legend Jay-Z to record the smash hit single “Fiesta.”

Following in the traditions of Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye, “Write Me Back” was released in 2012.

Kelly has been working on new tracks ever since. For much of the 1990s, he was the R&B king, and his music has sold millions of copies.

Personal Life and Controversies

Secretly married Aaliyah in 1994; the marriage was canceled. Before divorcing in 2009 he married Andrea Lee, a professional dancer, and they had three children together.

R Kelly’s music career has been plagued by several scandals. He was detained and accused of having intercourse with an underage girl, and he was taken into custody. All 14 allegations against him were finally dropped.

Lost Fortune

Due to R. Kelly‘s legal issues, his net worth could have easily exceeded $50-100 million. It’s been reported that Kelly has paid out tens of millions of dollars to settle a slew of lawsuits brought by women who claimed the singer had sexually abused them. After divorcing Andrea Lee, his wife from 1996 until 2009, Kelly reportedly lost a big amount of his total fortune.

Kelly owes $5 million in past taxes, which were discovered in 2012. Foreclosure on his Chicago house took place in 2013. He had not made a mortgage payment since 2010. Due to his failure to pay over $30,000 in arrears and fees, he was evicted from two Atlanta-area houses in 2018. He used to rent a townhouse in Chicago’s Trump Tower for a time.

Financial and Legal Problems

R. Kelly responded to several of the charges against him in a 19-minute song he put on Spotify in July of last year. Kelly sings in this song about being broke and having to go on tour “just to pay the rent.” He has also admitted that he owed the IRS $20 million at one point and was compelled to borrow several million dollars from his record company to keep up with his debts.

As a result of his controversial statements, he is unable to play in many countries outside of the United States, and protesters frequently prevent him from performing in the United States. In addition, Spotify and other streaming sites have removed his tracks from their public playlists. Songs by this artist will not appear in Discover Weekly or any other Spotify-curated playlists or radio channels, although they can still be streamed directly from their accounts on the service if they like.

After receiving complaints that R. Kelly’s recording studio had undergone repeated renovations without the proper licenses, Chicago building inspectors were granted permission to search the building in January 2019. Since 2017, R. Kelly has been renting the studio. This property was actually for sale for $4 million at the time of our examination. While this was going on, R. Kelly’s landlord was suing him for back rent that he claimed he never received. In the complaint, Kelly’s rent was $23,000 per month. He hadn’t paid in seven months, according to the suit. When he filed for bankruptcy, he still owed the landlord $167,000 in back rent.

Record company RCA/Sony announced on January 14 that it was halting all of R. Kelly’s upcoming music releases, preventing him from making any more money. Two more albums are still due from his most current record deal with RCA/Sony. As a result, RCA/Sony is also refusing to fund new music videos. Kelly’s record label is in a tight spot because she has yet to be found guilty of any crime at the time of this writing. Legally, firing him and withholding money based on allegations would be difficult. If he has a “morals clause” in his contract, RCA/Sony may be able to get out of the pact.

Several fresh allegations were filed against R. Kelly in late February 2019. An initial $100,000 payment would have been enough to secure his release from custody. Kelly, on the other hand, was so strapped for funds that it took him a few days to come up with the cash. According to reports, the $100,000 came from a woman named Valencia Love, whose exact affiliation to R. Kelly is unknown. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea sued him for $160,000 in unpaid child support while he was in jail.

R Kelly Net Worth

R Kelly net worth is -$2 million. ” At his peak, Kelly’s net worth could have been as high as $100 million. In April 2020, Kelly confessed before a judge that he owed roughly $1.9 million to the Internal Revenue Service alone.

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