Raleigh Mass Shooting Suspect And Victim’s Parents Express “Anguish And Sadness”

On Tuesday, lawyers for the parents of the 15-year-old suspect and one of the victims in the mass shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina, which left five people dead and two more wounded, published a statement.

Alan and Elise Thompson opened their statement with the words, “Words cannot begin to explain our grief and sadness.” We are devastated by the loss of life in Raleigh, which was perpetrated by our son Austin. Friends and family of Raleigh police officers Gabriel Torres, Susan Karnatz, Mary Marshall, and Nicole Conners are in our thoughts and prayers. We’re saddened by their loss as well as our own, of our son James.

Raleigh Mass Shooting Suspect And Victim's Parents Express "Anguish And Sadness"
Raleigh Mass Shooting Suspect And Victim’s Parents Express “Anguish And Sadness”

Please keep Marcille “Lynn” Gardner and Raleigh Police Officer Casey Clark in your thoughts and prayers as they make a complete recovery from their wounds and as healing begins for everyone else affected by this terrible act of violence.

So many questions remain unsolved. No one should have suspected Austin was capable of anything like this since there were no warning flags. In order to assist law police determine what occurred and why, our family will continue to provide any and all information they want.

The suspect, a minor, is still in very serious condition in the hospital. Hours after the incident, he was located and taken into prison by police while gravely wounded; nevertheless, the circumstances behind his wounds remain unknown.

Residents in the Hedingham neighborhood responded to the parents’ remarks Tuesday night.

I have no doubt that this has caused a great deal of emotional distress for them. One neighbor out walking her dog on Castle Pines Drive said, “They’re really suffering, too.”

A neighbor who would only provide her name as “Sheila” claimed to have seen both young Thompson boys while they were around.

She also mentioned their father performed handy work for a handful of her acquaintances.

She sympathized with the parents’ pain and claimed she could relate.

Sheila expressed empathy, saying, “I connect with them and what they stated in a statement.” They were completely unaware that he was capable of such a thing. The guilt cannot be placed solely on them. Simply tell me where he acquired the gun, please.

Prior to Tuesday’s council meeting, Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson updated them on the investigation into Thursday’s shooting in the Hedingham area.

More information, according to Patterson, will be made public in the department’s 5-day report on Thursday. Information such as the suspect’s injuries and the kind of weapon used will be included in the report’s full summary of the events.

She said that two of the gunshot victims have been discharged from the hospital and that one is making progress.

For the previous five days, the chief has stated, the murder team has been working nonstop to “better comprehend the sequence of events that transpired and the probable motivations behind the suspect’s acts.”

A public vigil has also been scheduled at 3 p.m. Sunday outside the Memorial Auditorium, according to an announcement made by city authorities.


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