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Randi Weingarten Destroyed a Generation of Youngsters, According to Test Scores

Randi Weingarten Destroyed a Generation of Youngsters, According to Test Scores

Randi Weingarten Destroyed a Generation of Youngsters, According to Test Scores

Reading and math test scores among children have declined, which comes as little surprise to anyone. The findings of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes referred to as “the nation’s report card,” indicate a decline in both mathematics and reading for the first time in their history. The decline in test results was significantly more severe for black students. All of the educational gains of the past few decades have been lost. Poof.

Horrific. Stupid. Unnecessary.

Randi Weingarten Destroyed a Generation of Youngsters, According to Test Scores

This is a known effect of the school closings. That virus was not the COVID strain. It was the extreme political response from the left when schools were allowed to reopen after the outbreak.

The directives came down from on high. The guidelines were established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Distance between students in a classroom was mandated at 6 feet. Why? Nobody has any idea what happened. Since we already knew that the COVID virus spread in the air, this rule made no sense at the time it was adopted and even less sense when it was arbitrarily changed to three feet later in the 2021 school year.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, wavered on the issue of whether or not schools should open before taking the overtly politicized stance that the passage of President Biden’s spending package is a prerequisite to resuming classes. This occurred in February 2021, long after schools in areas unaffected by his whims had already welcomed students.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, did more harm to kids than anybody else. Weingarten’s involvement was crucial in keeping schools closed; she is a far-left activist who frequently injects her crazy ideas into our institutions. Weingarten ensured that public schools fell into the “nonessential” category of a world that is increasingly categorized in this way.

She used children as a source of personal wealth, holding schools hostage until the Biden administration provided the money she needed to open them. Obviously, she prevailed, as her vote is crucial to the Democrats’ chances. The youngsters, though, came up short. Because of her direction, they keep getting beaten. That sum of money she gave up on their futures to get? Unspent. As it turns out, getting rid of her is the only option if you want to get the schools up and running again. That meant more than any sum of money could buy. By the summer of 2021, Randi Weingarten still hadn’t promised to allow public schools to reopen.

The best that each individual educator could have done was done. As early as the fall of 2020, many lecturers were already planning on giving in-person classes. It’s only fitting to accord them the respect due to heroes.

Of course, educators can’t ignore the fact that their union’s public face is an anti-child extremist who has done more to undermine American schools than anybody else. As a result of her actions, trust between schools and their respective communities has been shattered. She has spearheaded a controversial, partisan effort to curb the engagement of parents. In the end, she hurts us all.

You can fire her, but we can’t.

Educators who recognize the harm she has done to the youth of this country should speak up. She wasn’t trying to keep you safe; rather, she was demonstrating her authority as a political leader. That cost a lot of young people their futures. This is a price that will continue to be paid even after Randi Weingarten has left the spotlight.

She should be fired, and it’s not just the teachers who should protest. The Democrats who gave this woman power should stop dancing and whistling in the opposite direction. A total of 1.2 million children have left public schools since the year 2020. Those who support the public school system should recognize that Weingarten has put a dagger in it, even as the school-choice movement expresses gratitude for her work.

Biden administration officials gave Weingarten free reign to determine CDC school-opening policy, and Democrats all over the country caved to Weingarten’s push to keep schools closed. They are just as responsible for the NAEP outcomes as Weingarten was. When they don’t force Weingarten out, it sends a clear message that they are unconcerned about the harm done to children and the results obtained.

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