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Ranking of Kings Episode 14 Release Date Status and Time

The release date and times of Ranking of Kings episode 14 have been disclosed for the United States, United KIngdom, and the remainder of the world, for the English subbed and Japanese dubbed versions on Funimation and Crunchyroll. 

Here’s when the season 2 episode 2 of new Ranking of Kings release date and time is in PT, ET, GMT, CET, and more.

What will be the release date and time for Ranking of Kings episode 14?

Episode 14 of Ranking of Kings will be rolled out on January 20, 2022. Have a look at the below premiere time of the Rankings of Kings episode 14:

Premium subscribers of Crunchyroll or Funimation will be able to watch Ranking of Kings episode 14 as early as it releases as per the above mentioned times. Just log in to the website or the app in order to check out the latest episode.

Unfortunately, for people having a free account, the average waiting time of one week will be applicable. Then episode 14 will be made available to watch. Meanwhile, get hold of those spoilers.

When will the English dub edition of Ranking of Kings episode 14 be released?

As of now, no announcement has been made about the release date of the English dubbed version of Ranking of Kings episode 14.

At the time of writing this piece, the first season of English dubbed Ranking of Kings, as of now, is getting released weekly on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Currently, it’s up to episode 8.

For the time being, the only way to enjoy Ranking of Kings episode 14 is to watch the English subbed version which is dubbed in Japanese.

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