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Red Light Crash in Minneapolis Claims 5 Lives

Red Light Crash in Minneapolis Claims 5 Lives

Red Light Crash in Minneapolis Claims 5 Lives

Authorities report that a car ran a red light while evading police on Friday night, killing four people and a juvenile girl in the collision.

Just after 10 o’clock at night, a state trooper positioned nearby observed a car speeding north along I-35W toward the Lake Street transportation hub. The suspect driver instantly drove off the highway, ran a red light, and crashed with another vehicle as the trooper began to pursue the car. The five occupants of the car were all confirmed dead at the scene.

The driver fled the scene of the collision, but Minneapolis police were able to find him quickly and make an arrest thanks to the assistance of witnesses. Before the collision, no officers were pursuing the motorist, according to Minneapolis police, and a state trooper never activated their lights or sirens.

Later, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara stated, “We suspect that the driver may be impaired.”

All five of the women slain in the car, according to board member Abdulahi Farah and director of Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center Khalid Omar, were under the age of 20. They were prominent members of the religious community who frequently gave their time and cared for the mosque, according to Farah and Omar.

Dr. Interracial posted a tweet related to this news:

“It’s a big loss for our community, you can only imagine one individual person passing away, but now we have five young women who were a part of our community who passed away,” Omar said to FOX 9 on Saturday. These were the smartest people we had, our smartest young sisters.

This weekend, the mosque is providing a space for members to grieve with one another. For the families of the victims, fundraising has been organized, and as of Saturday night, more than $177,000 had been collected. You may find the fundraiser here.

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