Reform California launched a statewide petition push to prevent higher taxes

Are you fed up with California’s high taxes? You’ve arrived at the right time. Reform In Santee, California, Phil’s BBQ organized a state-wide petition campaign to “block higher taxes and ensure honest ballot wording” Tuesday night.

Carl DeMaio, the Chairman of Reform California, is optimistic that his legislation would “stop the majority of tax hikes that have been approved in the previous several years,” according to the organization.

To raise taxes at the local level, a two-thirds majority in the legislature would need. Still, according to DeMaio, politicians have discovered a way around the California law requiring a two-thirds vote in the legislature to raise taxes at the local level.

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Dan Plante of KUSI went on air live from Phil’s BBQ in Santee, California, to provide further information about the petition.

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