Released Mugshot Of The 17-year-old Suspect In The Murder Of His 19-year-old Coworker

A young guy is being charged with manslaughter after he reportedly shot and killed a woman who was 19 years old at her residence in east Harris County early on Friday morning.

Marissa Dikeman, 19, passed away, and Cayman Wilson, age 17, has been charged with manslaughter with her death.

The Crosby neighborhood’s 4400 block of Sherri Lane was the location where the incident took place, as stated by deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the deputies, Wilson and another 17-year-old were helping Dikeman take down the Christmas decorations at her house when they were arrested.

According to the investigators, Wilson was “manipulating a weapon” at one time and fired a gunshot that hit Dikeman at another point in the investigation.

The responding paramedics pronounced the victim, Dikeman, dead at the site.

The authorities suspect that one of Dikeman’s roommates owned the gun used in the shooting, although none were at home when the incident occurred.

Both of the coworkers, who are 17 years old, were taken into custody by the deputies for interrogation.

The incident was likely not an accident, according to the investigators. According to the deputies, the investigation into what occurred is proceeding in depth.

On Friday, Wilson appeared in court, and the judge decided that he would set his bond at $50,000. His next appearance in court is scheduled for January 3rd.

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