Ricky Gervais Net Worth 2022

Ricky Gervais Early Life

In addition to his three siblings, Ricky Gervais was born in Reading and raised in Whitley. During World War II, his father left Canada and settled in England.

His mother cared for him and his brothers while his father worked in a factory. He frequently attributes his wit and sense of humour to his mom.

Before attending the University College of London, he worked as a gardener at the University of Reading. He had originally intended to major in biology, but after switching to philosophy, he received a second-class honours degree.

His long-term partner, Jane Fallon, whom he met while attending university, has remained by his side since that year.

Ricky Gervais Career

Throughout his career, Gervais has been known to do a wide range of things. Music, radio, stand-up comedy, television, animation, talk shows, novels, and movies are all included in this category…

Seona Dancing, a band formed by Gervais and his mate Bill Macrae in 1983, was signed to London Records. Only two singles were issued by the duet, and neither of them charted in the United Kingdom.

Before Suede became popular in the 1990s, he worked as their manager.

After the first season of The Office, he returned to Xfm in 2011 to host a radio show, having previously worked as a DJ in college. “Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius” began airing on Sirius XM in 2017.

The Office is a parody created by Gervais and Stephen Merchant, a friend. Since its UK debut, the show has been adapted for American television audiences. Bruiser, a BBC sketch comedy show, was one of his writing credits on television.

“The Ricky Gervais Show” became one of the most popular downloads in 2005 after Gervais took on a video podcast. An HBO animated series was born from this.

There have been several TV and film projects since then, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Flanimals, a children’s book series, is also being made into a film.

Breakthrough With The Office

While studying film production in 1999, Stephen Merchant made a seven-minute short film for a class assignment. David Brent, Ricky Gervais’ character on the show The Office, appeared in the short film. The BBC requested a pilot script from Gervais and Merchant after seeing the short film. The BBC gave the show the go-ahead after the pilot script was written by the two of them.

First impressions of The Office were skewed. Few people watched the six-episode series because it was only available for a brief period. Eventually, though, word of mouth spread and DVDs were purchased. It didn’t take long for the need for a second season to become apparent.

The BBC has once again given the green light for the upcoming season, much to the delight of fans worldwide. After the second season’s success, Gervais and Merchant were hailed as comedy geniuses in 2003. The Office was remade in the United States after its success in the United Kingdom, with Gervais and Merchant serving as producers.

In addition, The Office has been reimagined for audiences in Brazil, Sweden, France, and other countries. For Gervais, the critical acclaim he garnered for The Office helped him prosper in the American entertainment world in the years that followed.

Ricky Gervais Earnings from Syndication

During the original run of The Office, Gervais and his co-creator Stephen Merchant earned tens of millions of dollars in various producer and creator titles. In recent years, Ricky has reaped the benefits of lucrative syndication and licencing partnerships. At the very least, Ricky has a 10% stake in The Office’s syndication stock. In other words, he receives 10% of the show’s income.

Syndication sales have brought Ricky Gervais well over $100 million in earnings before taxes to date.

To begin airing The Office in 2021, Comcast’s NBC paid $500 million in June 2019. Viacom-owned networks including Comedy Central had previously aired the show. The show was also a regular feature on Netflix for a lengthy period.

After The Office

In addition to The Office, Ricky Gervais appeared in numerous other television shows following its breakthrough. When it comes to comic celebrity impersonators, Extras were the first. The Ricky Gervais Show was also launched by Gervais in 2010. Aside from his work on Derek, Life’s Too Short, An Idiot Abroad, and After Life, Ricky Gervais has a long list of other credits to his name

Ricky Gervais Stand-Up Comedy

As a stand-up comedian, Ricky Gervais has enjoyed great success since the early 1990s. After the success of The Office, his stand-up career took off, and he has since travelled widely with his act. Netflix has aired several of his comedy specials in the past.


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Ricky Gervais’s Net Worth

Actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker Ricky Gervais is worth an estimated $140 million. He made the bulk of his fortune as the creator of The Office, a popular television show. In 2001, a small-scale British series debuted with a single season. In 2005, an American version of the show was adapted and ran for 201 episodes over nine seasons in the United States.

American syndication of The Office has earned billions in royalties and fees, making it one of the most profitable shows in television history. Thus, Gervais continues to earn millions of dollars from the show whenever a contract is renewed or sold to a new channel.

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