Riley Keough Net Worth: She is the Sole Beneficiary of Lisa Marie Presley’s Estate

There was a head start in Riley Keough’s wealth. Lisa Marie Presley was born to Elvis and Priscilla Presley, making her family famous in its own right. When you consider that Riley’s father, Danny Keough, is a musician, it’s not hard to see why she ended up there.

In spite of her brief career, the young actress has already been in several major films. As a result of the success of Daisy Jones & The Six, she plans to take her career to the next level. We need to know how much she has made as her career takes off before we do that, though.

Find out how much Riley Keough is worth right here.

Riley Keough Net Worth

American actress, producer, and model Riley Keough has a $5 million fortune. Because Riley Keough is Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, she is Elvis Presley’s grandchild. At the tender age of 15, Riley made her modeling debut in a Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Italy.

She has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, including “Vogue” (both the American and Korean editions), “Elle Japan,” “Jalouse,” and “L’Officiel.” She has also modeled for Christian Dior.

Riley Keough is the Sole Beneficiary of Lisa Marie Presley’s Estate

Riley Keough is the Sole Beneficiary of Lisa Marie Presley's Estate

Elvis Presley bequeathed his whole fortune to his daughter Lisa Marie after his untimely death in 1977 at the age of 44. Elvis Presley’s estate was in a tough financial condition and was worth $1 million when he passed away. After turning 25, Lisa was given complete control of her father’s estate. The estate was valued at $100 million at that point in time.

Lisa received a one-time payout of $100 million in 2005 after selling 85% of Elvis Presley Enterprises. She never lost any of her original ownership of the Graceland estate.

Lisa Marie, who was 54 years old, passed away unexpectedly in January of 2023. Lisa Marie claimed to be $16 million in debt in the years before her death, the result of decades of lavish spending and alleged financial mismanagement. Lisa may have left behind personal debts, but she also left Elvis Presley Enterprises and the Graceland home outright. Life insurance payouts of $35 million were reportedly made after her passing.

Lisa Marie revised her will in 2016, removing her mother and replacing her with her two eldest children, Benjamin and Riley, as trustees. After Lisa Marie passed away in 2020, Riley was left as the lone trustee due to the terrible suicide of Benjamin that same year.

Due to Lisa Marie’s relationship with Michael Lockwood, Riley has two half-brothers. Those twins, who were minors when Lisa Marie died, will also have a stake in Elvis’s fortune when they come of age.

Priscilla made a brief effort to exclude Riley as Lisa Marie’s only heir to the inheritance. Priscilla said in her petition that the 2016 will update contained at least one misspelling of her name and that Lisa Marie’s signature looked quite different from earlier signatures.

After reaching an amicable resolution, Riley and Priscilla reportedly agreed that she would get a portion of Lisa Marie’s $35 million life insurance payouts.

Riley Keough Settles Legal Dispute with Grandmother Priscilla Presley

In 2018, Keough and Smith-Petersen spent just over $1.3 million on a cottage in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood that is about 1,200 square feet in size. The 1920s house was recently remodeled and now has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in addition to a courtyard, various patios, and a fence covered in climbing vines.

But in June of 2023, there was a major development in the case. In order to end the disagreement, Riley has agreed to pay Priscilla $1 million in a flat amount, plus maybe another $400,000 to cover her grandmother’s legal bills associated with the petition she filed earlier this year. This would make the actor the sole trustee of the estate.

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