Man Faces Murder Charges After Shooting 4-year-old Boy in Lancaster Road Rage Incident

On Tuesday, a man was charged with murder in connection with the death of Gor Adamyan, a four-year-old kid who was shot after a weekend incident in Lancaster involving road rage.

Byron Burkhart, 29, was indicted on multiple charges, including attempted murder, shooting at an occupied car, five counts of possession of a handgun by a criminal, and murder.

The accusations are related to a shooting incident that occurred on Friday night. Burkhart and his girlfriend, Alexandria Gentile, 27, were involved in the incident. They separated Gor Adamyan’s family, pursued them through multiple streets in Lancaster, and then opened fire in the 44600 block of Sierra Highway at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Their motive was road rage. At least eight gunshots were reportedly exchanged during the incident, according to prosecutors. The incident led to Gentile’s arrest as well, but he has not been charged as of yet. Court documents indicate that she was discharged from detention on Tuesday.

Road Rage Incident in Lancaster

Adamyan was hit in the upper body by gunfire while sitting in the back seat of his parent’s car during the shooting. His parents hurried him to the hospital, but he did not survive.

The arraignment of Burkhart is set for January 22nd. Prosecutors requested a $5 million increase to his bail amount on Tuesday, from the original $2 million that he was being held on.Road Rage Incident in Lancaster

Investigators in Lancaster were able to use the victim’s dashcam in conjunction with a network of license plate tracking cameras to quickly apprehend both of the perpetrators following the shooting.

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