Rob Ashton Death: Why The Husband Of Dr. Jennifer Ashton Killed Himself?

An ex-husband of Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a medical specialist for ABC News, has been identified as the man who died after jumping to his death from the George Washington Bridge over the weekend. Dr. Robert Ashton is believed to have been the individual who took his own life.

Who Was Rob Ashton?

Robert Ashton was a specialist surgeon and husband of Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

Robert Ashton worked in The Bronx as a thoracic and heart surgeon and was linked with Burke Rehabilitation Hospital.

According to his biography, he graduated with a medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and has been in clinical practice for more than 20 years.

Jennifer Ashton, who is 47 years old, is the top women’s health correspondent for ABC News. You can watch her on Good Morning America and World News Tonight on a regular basis. She is the author of nutrition books, and on social media, she identifies herself as a fitness addict, a hockey enthusiast, and a mother.

Rob Ashton Death

On Saturday morning at 8:40, Robert Ashton, who was 52 years old, jumped off the bridge. According to reports from the Port Authority police, his dead body was found in the sea not long after the incident.

In November 2017, Jennifer Ashton submitted a petition for divorce to her husband, citing the inability to reconcile their disagreements. According to the papers from the court, the divorce was finalized on January 23.

Rob Ashton Death

This is the second suicide that has occurred on the George Washington Bridge in 2017. According to the Port Authority, the number of fatalities that occurred on the bridge dropped to 12 in 2016 from 18 the year before.

“As an MD he helped so many and we will remember his warmth generosity and kindness,” Jennifer Ashton wrote on Facebook.

“Our hearts are broken that the father of my teenage children took his own life yesterday,” Jennifer Ashton wrote on Facebook and Twitter.

“We know that many families struggle every day with depression while others like us don’t have any warning. We hope by sharing some of Rob’s story it will save others the heartache we feel,” Ashton wrote.

Dr. Ashton experienced post-traumatic growth, a term she learned from her family’s therapist, Sue Simring, DSW, who has taught at the Columbia School of Social Work. Post-traumatic stress can be triggered by sudden and unexpected events, such as the suicide death of a loved one.

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While Dr. Ashton did experience post-traumatic stress, she also experienced post-traumatic growth. Dr. Ashton was first made aware of the word by Dr. Simring, who was attempting to explain the more profound awareness of oneself that might result after experiencing a traumatic event.

“I had managed to make it through the majority of my adult life as a genuine example of a type A overachiever. She explains, “I was used to accomplishing my goals, experiencing achievements, and avoiding failure.” She attended Columbia College, where she received her degree in art history in 1991, majoring in the subject.

She completed her pre-med education through the Columbia post-bac premed program and then enrolled at VP&S in 1996. During all four years of medical school, she was chosen to the position of class president at VP&S, where she remained.

She gave birth to both of her children while she was still working hard to complete her demanding course load. She attended Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition to earn her master’s degree in nutrition in 2016, and she graduated with honors.

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