Rfk Jr. Declares His Candidacy for President on the Democratic Party’s Ballot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine campaigner, has submitted paperwork to the Federal Election Commission in order to run for president as a Democrat in 2024. John E. Sullivan, treasurer of his campaign, confirmed the filing on Wednesday.

The 69-year-old is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy, a senator from New York, US attorney general, and a presidential candidate who was killed in 1968. The younger Kennedy has always been skeptical of vaccines.

He created Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine group, and spread false information that vaccines cause autism. Both the coronavirus vaccination and the federal government’s response to the epidemic have been targets of his criticism.

His sister Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, brother Joseph P. Kennedy II, and niece Maeve Kennedy McKean all strongly condemned his anti-vaccine views in an op-ed for Politico Magazine in 2019. They wrote that he was “part of a misinformation campaign that’s having heartbreaking – and deadly – consequences.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Files Paperwork
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Files Paperwork

At an anti-vaccination address at the Lincoln Monument in 2022, John F. Kennedy Jr. evoked Nazi Germany. His Instagram account was suspended a year ago  “for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”

Last month, Kennedy hinted on Twitter that he was thinking about running for president. “If it looks like I can raise the money and mobilize enough people to win, I’ll jump in the race,” he said. His tweet also included a link to his website, where visitors are encouraged to “Let Bobby know you want to see his leadership in the White House,”  by making a financial contribution.

Kennedy, an environmental attorney, participated in the effort to clean up the Hudson River. The Natural Resources Defense Council and an environmental legal company he co-founded both employed him. Kennedy, should he decide to run for president, would be the latest in a long line of relatives to enter public service.

From 1995 until 2003, his sister Kathleen was Maryland’s vice governor. From 1987 until 1999, his sibling Joseph served as a congressman for Massachusetts. Chris Kennedy, his sibling, ran for governor of Illinois in 2018 but ultimately fell short.

Former Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III, the last Kennedy to hold office, lost a 2020 Democratic Senate primary. (He has since been the United States special envoy to Northern Ireland.) The current US ambassador to Australia is Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy.

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