Robyn Dixon Net Worth: Why She Wants A Prenup Before Second Wedding To Juan Dixon?

Robyn Dixon is an American reality TV star, publicist, and event manager. The following statement concerns the anticipated Robyn Dixon Net Worth. There has been a lot of talk about Robyn Dixon Net Worth. More information about Robyn Dixon’s money woes may be found here. Robyn Dixon to her recent commercial success and Robyn Dixon Net Worth are the subjects of much speculation. Robyn Dixon’s financial situation is discussed further here.

Robyn Dixon Early Life

On March 31, 1979, Robyn Dixon, then known as Robyn Bragg, was born in Baltimore. The real housewife comes from a diverse background thanks to her parents.

Her father, Guy Doc Bragg, is an Afro-American dentist with over 52 years of experience, and her mother, Gigi Bragg, is a multilingual college professor and businesswoman.

While she does not deny having white ancestors, she does not identify as mixed. Also, she suggested that anyone curious about her background investigate the “one-drop rule,” which states that anyone who can trace their ancestry back to a single black person is considered black.

The reality star claimed that her dad quit his job as a dentist and is now a full-time jazz musician. In stark contrast to Juan’s parents, who were both drug addicts and died of AIDS-related illnesses, her own parents led healthy, productive lives.

Robyn Dixon attended a private high school in Maryland, then transferred to the University of Maryland to study business marketing. In reality, the housewife’s ultimate goal was to become a successful businesswoman; she had no interest in becoming a media figure.

Before she became famous, she was a standout basketball player at the University of Maryland. Basketball coach Eddie Jordan was married to Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, another member of the Real Housewives of Potomac.

Robyn Dixon Career

After graduating from college, Robyn Dixon tried her hand at public relations and event planning before making it big as a reality TV star. She got a chance to be on the Real Housewives of Potomac on Bravo.

In October of 2016, her real housewife dynamism landed her a job coaching the women’s basketball team at the University of the District of Columbia. In addition, she has a job at TAA PR, a small firm in Washington that specializes in PR, marketing, and events.

The reality star also launched the networking event “She Is Empowered” for female entrepreneurs, the Embellished line of designer baseball caps, and the “SWL Cosmetics” line of lip glosses.

Robyn Dixon is currently juggling her time between her original business, Visionary Events, the real estate investment firm she and her mother co-founded,

Their most recent venture is the fashion accessory company Embellished. Her role as one of the stars of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Potomac” also contributed to her fame.

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Robyn Dixon Personal Life

Robyn Dixon Personal Life

Robyn Dixon, who met her future husband, Juan Dixon, in high school, went on to marry him after he made it big in the NBA. Back when they were high school rivals, Juan was a major player on the field.

They met in high school, stayed together throughout college, and tied the knot after graduation. However, things were difficult for her as a wife of an athlete, and after Juan broke her heart, they decided to separate.

After years of living together and being inseparable, Juan and Robyn have rekindled their romance and reaffirmed their devotion to the family by getting engaged for a second time. Juan is now a coach at a nearby university. The couple also raises two sons, Corey and Carter.

Robyn Dixon Net Worth

Robyn Dixon net worth is $3 million. The Real Housewives of Potomac, a Bravo reality television series starring Robyn Dixon, debuted in January of 2016. Originally from Baltimore, she earned her business marketing degree from the University of Maryland.

While attending high school together, Robyn and Juan Dixon (a professional basketball player) fell in love and eventually married. They first crossed paths when Juan was a renowned athlete for an opposing high school.

They started dating in high school and stayed together throughout college. Although they no longer live together, they did move to Potomac and have two sons before breaking up.

She is an employee of TAA PR, a small company in the nation’s capital that specializes in public relations, marketing, and events. Juan Dixon was hired in October 2016 to lead the women’s basketball program at the University of the District of Columbia.

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