Rock Thrown Through Windshield Kills 20-year-old Woman Driving Home From Work

A rock that was thrown through a Colorado woman’s window as she drove home from work killed her.

Alexa Bartell, who is 20 years old, was driving in the state’s Jefferson County around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday when she was hit by a rock.

Officials say that at the time of the event, Bartell was on the phone with a friend. The friend followed the phone’s signal and found Bartell dead in the car, which had stopped in a field.

She is No Longer With Us Because of This Senseless Act

Jacki Kelley of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said, “This is a 20-year-old woman who was driving home from work. She is no longer with us because of this senseless act.”

“This is not a joke or a fun thing to do. Last night, this killed a woman, and we want to know who did it.”

Investigators think that the rock was thrown from a car or from the side of the road. Now, $17,000 has been offered as a prize for information.

Bartell’s death is tied to a few other things that happened in the area on the same night. Two other people were hurt when rocks the size of softballs were thrown through their windshields.

The sheriff’s office first shared a picture of a truck they thought was involved in the crime, but they have since said that it wasn’t.

JCSO has also asked Tesla owners in the area to look through the computer systems of their electric cars for any footage that might help. Tesla cars record everything that happens while they are being driven.

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