Roman Reigns Is Pinned At WWE Money In The Bank For The First Time In Over Three Years

On Saturday at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns was pinned for the first time in three and a half years, but the outcome wasn’t the emergence of a new top star in WWE as many had anticipated all these years.

All of this transpired during The Bloodline’s “Civil War” main event, in which WWE Undisputed Universal champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa engaged in combat with Jimmy and Jey Uso’s family.

Both sides entered the conflict as planned, with neither side holding back.

The match also contained a few subtly placed references to earlier chapters of their story. A guillotine choke similar to the one Roman applied to Jimmy Uso at Hell in a Cell in 2020 was applied at the beginning of The Bloodline.

The tweet from WWE on Fox about Roman Reigns being Pinned:

As you may remember, Jey Uso’s decision to leave the ring and The Usos’ subsequent recognition of Reigns as their Tribal Chief were both a result of that Hell in a Cell event.

However, this time Jimmy managed to escape the choke, which gave Jey the advantage over Roman and ultimately helped their side win the match with a splash from the top rope.

The bout was excellent, and Jey’s having the chance to finally pin Roman for the first time in years gives him much more credibility.

But given that Roman’s titles were not at stake and that this was merely a tag bout, I have to wonder whether that momentous occasion was somehow wasted here.

Since there are no stakes or titles at stake, I’m truly dubious if defeating Reigns in a tag match will elevate Jey to the next level the way a title victory would have. Additionally, that element of surprise may be missing now if Reigns does decide to lose the belt.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a significant event for Jey Uso. Indeed, it is.

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Giving one of Jey and his brother Jimmy such a significant victory serves as a motivating reminder to everyone that hard work can pay off. Jey and his brother Jimmy have been two of WWE’s most dependable performers over the last ten years.

It’s only that many, including me, had thought that Roman’s three and a half-year winning streak would stop along with his reign as champion. The most natural approach to end the longest World title run in modern history seemed to be that way. The time was then.

Consequently, even though Jey Uso’s victory may have been significant, I can’t help but think that it will merely result in a title battle at SummerSlam where Roman wins at the expense of a different Superstar with main event potential, rather than catapulting a new Superstar to the top as we all anticipated.

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