Rufus, Oregon Mayor Arrested After Road Rage Shooting

Authorities in Oregon said that the mayor of a small town was charged with attempted murder after a road rage shooting on Halloween.

Hood River County Sheriff’s Office reports that a man named Dowen Jones, originally from Rufus, is now detained in the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility.

Rufus, Oregon Mayor Arrested After Road Rage Shooting
Rufus, Oregon Mayor Arrested After Road Rage Shooting

Monday evening, just before 9 o’clock, a whole family was following an erratic SUV along Highway 281. Anxiety was felt by the driver of the family car when the SUV driver suddenly pulled over. The family slowed down so that someone could describe the SUV and file a complaint with the police.

A guy came out of the SUV’s passenger side and fired several shots at the family as they walked by.

Two adults and two children, ages 5 and 8, were in the car when shots were fired, damaging it, according to deputies.

The shooting caused no casualties.

Jones was identified as the gunman, and the SUV and its location were both discovered by detectives on Tuesday.

Jones, the mayor of Rufus, was approached by deputies from the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office.

With one case of attempted murder and four charges of attempted assault in the first degree, he was taken into custody and held in NORCOR in The Dalles. Dalles Police are helping with the continuing investigation.

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