Russian athletes argue that food at Beijing Winter Olympics is inedible

According to a recent report, China is already experiencing widespread condemnation from all quarters for holding the current Winter Olympics in Beijing in the face of an increase of COVID-19 cases among the Games’ staff and competitors.

As a result of a Russian athlete’s allegations that the food supplied to COVID-19 positive participants is “inedible” and “difficult” to consume, new concerns during the Games have surfaced.

Several allegations, including inedible meals, a shortage of food for the athletes, and a lack of training equipment, have already emerged at the Beijing Games, with the participants, who are now in quarantine, accusing the organizers of unfair treatment.

After testing positive with COVID-19 at the Winter Games in Beijing, Russian biathlon contestant Valeria Vasnetsova turned to Instagram to tell her tale. Vasnetsova is one of many competitors who tested positive for the virus during the Winter Games.

An image of food being given to Vasnetsova at one of the quarantine hotels in Beijing was shared on her Instagram story, which Vasnetsova shared with her followers. 

She posted a photo of a plate of food that included simple pasta, a few potatoes, charred beef on a bone, and an orange sauce on social media. Vasnetsova said that she had been eating “breakfast, lunch, and supper” for five days.

The Russian said that she had sobbed every day since being placed in quarantine and that her bones had already begun to protrude from her body due to a lack of a healthy and balanced diet. She said she was ‘weary’ and wanted it to be over with as quickly as possible.

“My stomach aches, I’m pale, and I have large black bags under my eyes. I’m not feeling well. I’m ready for this to be over. Every day, I shed tears. I’m completely exhausted. “Vasnetsova posted a photo of the meal that was brought to her on Instagram, along with her statement.

Even though she claimed she had been living on a few pieces of pasta, she said she had to consume all of the fat supplied to her on the day she posted the image because she was very hungry and losing weight at an alarming rate.

“However, since I was so hungry today, I ate all of the fat that was served instead of the meat. My bones are already protruding from my body. “She sent a letter.

Are COVID+ athletes being hungered at Beijing Winter Olympics?

Vasnetsova also made an astonishing disclosure in her article, claiming that athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 are being fed fewer and lower-quality meals in the quarantine accommodations in Beijing than the typical Games-related workers.

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The food left outside her door at the quarantine hotel was different from the food put outside the other rooms in her hallway, she discovered when she went to pick up the food left outside her door.

The doors have been tagged with various symbols to differentiate between Olympians and those working at the Games. The Russian said that the meal supplied to non-athletes was different and that the food in the box reserved for athletes was worse.

It was also shared with the team doctor, who tested positive with COVID-19 and was quarantined at the same hotel as the rest.

In addition to fresh fruit, a salad, and prawns with broccoli, Vasnetsova claimed the team doctor was served. “I’m honestly baffled as to why there is such a negative attitude against us, the players.” – the Russian wrote in his letter.

The event’s organizers quickly addressed Vasnetsova’s objections. Associated Press reported that Sergei Averyanov, the Russian biathlon team’s spokesman, acknowledged that she received better nourishment than she had previously had. He also said that the athlete would be provided with a stationary bike for training purposes shortly.