Sacramento County Deputies Investigate Inert Grenade Scare at Car Wash

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, a possible grenade scare at a car wash in Sacramento County turned out to be much less alarming than initially feared. The incident unfolded at the All Hand Car Wash located on Power Inn Road, where a potential grenade was reported.

The Response

Upon receiving the report, Sacramento County deputies swiftly responded to the scene, including the sheriff’s office’s bomb squad unit. The situation unfolded at approximately 6:15 p.m., prompting concerns and heightened security measures in the area.

No Evacuations Necessary

Thankfully, the incident did not escalate to the point of requiring evacuations in the surrounding neighborhoods. While the situation was taken seriously, authorities did not feel the need to disrupt the daily lives of residents. However, the car wash business was temporarily cleared out as a precaution.

The Verdict: An Inert Grenade

After careful examination, the deputies made a rather reassuring announcement. The possible grenade turned out to be “inert.” Inert grenades are essentially hollowed-out and completely incapable of exploding. They are typically used for training and instructional purposes.

This revelation comes as a relief to everyone involved, as it signifies that there was no imminent danger or threat to the community. While the incident may have caused some initial concern, it ultimately served as a testament to the readiness and efficiency of law enforcement in handling such situations.

In summary, what initially appeared to be a potentially hazardous situation at a car wash in Sacramento County turned out to be a harmless training device. It’s a reminder of the importance of prompt and professional responses by authorities to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the local community.

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