Reopening Sacramento Nightclub After Gunshot Killed 2, Including Owner, With Commemoration!

After being closed on November 26 due to a shooting that killed the owner and another man, a nightclub in Sacramento was reopened on Friday night. It occurred at about 1:45 a.m. outside the closed club, as patrons were being taken by security to their respective homes for the night.

In remembrance of its owner, 51-year-old Ben Do, a cherished father of three, and the innocent 23-year-old clubgoer Ryu Kai Her, Sacto By Night Lounge was closed for over two weeks.

When bullets were heard in the parking lot, the two were caught in the crossfire, according to deputies from Sacramento County. “We will never forget what they did when they cut his life short,” said Mee Yang, Her’s mother, at a vigil mourning her son outside Sacto by Night as it reopened Friday evening.

In remembrance of the lives lost, many gathered, leaning on one other and lighting candles. “There is no closure until we know the trials have gone and we know who the murderer is. That’s when we can really close that chapter,” said Yang.

Sacramento Nightclub Shooting

Although Yang’s son’s funeral is approaching, she says she is concentrating on forgiving those responsible. “He was loved and we are loved. That has been helping us and strengthening us,” she said.

When Sacto by Night reopened, it was with the intention of assisting the two families in raising funds. “Fifty percent of the profit that we make tonight is going to go to both victims’ families,” Joseph Thao said.

In order to make their clients feel protected, they have increased the number of security guards both inside and outside the gates. “I just want people to know this is still a safe spot where we all can come and make new friends and family here,” Thao said.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, multiple individuals were taken into custody in relation to the incident. On Friday night, there were no new developments to report.

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