Sadie Robertson And Christian Huff Relationship Timeline

Clearly fated. The relationship between Sadie Robertson and Sadie Robertson husband, Christian Huff, is intended to last for the foreseeable future. Below, you’ll observe the development of Robertson and Huff’s friendship over time by having a look at Sadie Robertson And Christian Huff Relationship Timeline.

February 2019

February 2019 On Valentine’s Day, Robertson posted a photo of Huff holding balloons and a giant teddy bear on Instagram, hinting at a new relationship. “Celebrating this kind of love everyday,” the Louisiana native wrote. “Thank you!”

Huff called Robertson “my butta half and my best friend” on social media two days later. Further, “Thank you for everything. Only you exist.”

March 2019

One month later, Robertson wrote on Instagram that Huff “brought so much life and freedom” into her life on their six-month anniversary. “Being your girl for half a year has been pure joy! “I love you some kinda crazy,” she wrote.”

June 2019

On his 19th birthday, Huff proposed to his fiancé, who “screamed YES.” “On June 9th, 2019 and forever,” she said. “I marry him. God’s faithful and good.”

The “4:8 Men” podcast host called the proposal the “best day of his life” and gushed about his fiancée. “I love you more than words, and I love getting to celebrate who God created you to be,” he wrote on Instagram about Robertson.

November 2019

They bought a house before their wedding. Robertson documented the day on Instagram, saying she had “all the feels” about this new chapter.

November 2019

“I want him to succeed in all the things, and he wants me to succeed in other things, and we enjoy doing it together because he’s my best friend, and I think that those elements make it really special,” the Finding Freedom author told Us exclusively, gushing about why Huff is her perfect partner. “Friendship is the most important thing in a relationship, and ours is really strong.”

November 2019

West Monroe, Louisiana’s Robertson family farm hosted the wedding. Candace Cameron Bure, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Korie and Willie Robertson attended. “I know it’s only week 1, but marriage is awesome,” the former reality star wrote on Instagram, sharing photos from their beachside honeymoon.

October 2020

Nearly a year later, Robertson and Huff announced their first child on Instagram by holding up ultrasound pictures. “We are thankful to carry a miracle into the world!” she wrote. “Baby, you are cherished. Can’t wait to welcome you into the world with all the pleasure, optimism, and excitement your wonderful life will bring to so many.”

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November 2020

Robertson’s sister Rebecca Robertson Loflin confirmed the couple’s female pregnancy. Huff said, “Sadie’s pregnant, I’m the father, and the child is a girl,” captioned a pink-painted photo of him and the Sun, Sand, and Romance star.

December 2020

The couple reflected on their year since their wedding before having their daughter. “We’ve had a wonderful, chaotic start,” Robertson told Us. “We feel married. COVID years should count as five years. So amazing. It has. We appreciated having each other this year.”

The Life Just Got Real producer said quarantine showed her and Huff “just how good of friends we have become and how good we are to one another.” Further: “It’s massive. You want a good, friendly spouse. It’s amazing to look back over this year and see that brightness, man.”

April 2021

Robertson expressed the couple’s lovely meaning of Honey after naming their daughter. “We studied through Proverbs together when Christian and I started dating,” she posted on Instagram. “In chapter 16, verse 24, I told him, “You have words like honey.” They’re wonderful and healing places in my heart I didn’t know needed repair.”

May 2021

On May 11, 2021, they had Honey. “”We experienced a million little miracles yesterday—the best one being this girl right here… Honey,” she posted on social media.

October 2021

The new mom told E! News they were considering giving Honey another sibling or three. “One day we’ll say [we want] four kids, one day three,” she remarked, adding that they had discussed adopting another child. “I’ve experienced the beauty of adoption-based blended families.”

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff Relationship Timeline November 2021

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff’s Relationship Timeline

One month later, Robertson said on Instagram that she and Huff weren’t ready to have children. When a fan asked if they wanted more children, the Live on Purpose author said, “Absolutely!” “Not soon.

February 2022

She told Us that her husband helped her through postpartum depression and early fatherhood. “It was hard not to get irritated with one other on some days. Yet, acknowledging we’re both battling helped.”

Adds: “We realised we’re literally in this together. You and I are about to lose our minds. We’re a team. Join us.”

Duck Dynasty Sadie Robertson Is Having Baby 2 With Sadie Robertson Husband Christian Huff Instagram Credit: Jayda Rust/@jaydaiye

November 2022

They announced their second pregnancy. “Another little miracle is in motion :hugging face:,” the pregnant star posted on Instagram with an ultrasound.

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