After Tragic Stabbing, San Francisco Protester Demands Change: “Fed Up With Social Experiments”

Ricci Wynne, a former drug dealer turned activist, has urged California Governor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed to set aside their “political pride” and impose stronger rules to keep Californians safe in the wake of the stabbing death of a tech executive this week.

Cash App co-founder Bob Lee was fatally stabbed in the heart of San Francisco on Tuesday morning. According to Wynne, the current laws are “simply not working,” so Newsom and Breed should review them and repeal the ones that are lenient toward criminals.

“Californians are tired of being subjected to your social experiments, like defunding the police, like trying to legalize illegal drug use with these safe consumption sites and giving out paraphernalia on the streets,” he explained Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

San Francisco Activist Calls for Change After Fatal Stabbing
San Francisco Activist Calls for Change After Fatal Stabbing

The San Francisco resident claimed that until soft-on-crime policies are removed, criminals will continue to “push the envelope” in terms of what they are willing to get away with.

“It’s really disheartening to see and I’m really broken up about my city being in the shambles that it’s in right now because this situation with this individual dying is just going to make the situation just that much more worse,” Wynne said.

“You have to imagine, Tucker, like you said, all the money that the tech executives and the tech industry had put into San Francisco, who’s going to want to come and do a start up in San Francisco now when executives and innovators are getting killed and stabbed in the streets?”

“I mean, it’s just it’s going to further isolate San Francisco and make people leave. And it’s really sad to see,” he continued. Carlson questioned Wynne about his 2022 viral video showing children exiting a school bus and passing a lengthy line of addicts and junkies on the sidewalk on their way home.

It’s been total crickets,” he responded. “I mean, nothing. They haven’t said anything. None of them will respond to me.” He ran for city council, Wynne said, but encountered “fierce discrimination.” “I have nowhere else to turn besides my phone,” he confessed.

In a letter to President Trump acquired by the San Francisco Chronicle, Mayor London Breed explained that “the enormity of the problem is beyond our local capacity” and requested federal aid to help address the city’s ongoing crime crisis.

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