San Francisco Mayor’s Remarks on Tech Executive’s ‘targeted’ Murder and City’s ‘exaggerated’ Crime Criticized

The murder of tech executive Bob Lee has been interpreted as evidence by San Francisco Democrats and left-leaning media that crime is not as widespread as previously thought because of its “targeted” character.

Having been stabbed by a “man he knew” had “pierce[d] the narrative… that the slaying was endemic of San Francisco’s street conditions.” According to the article, Lee was in town from Miami, and his murder was the result of a “personal dispute” and not a “random encounter.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Mayor London Breed said that the widespread availability of cameras and social media allows for events to be widely reported “in the moment,” which can lead to an inaccurate generalization that the city is unsafe.

San Francisco Mayor's Comments About Murder
San Francisco Mayor’s Comments About Murder

“That’s not entirely true,” Breed claimed. “It’s sad because I think it’s just San Francisco has been a target for so long, and used as an example because we’re innovative, we’re creative, we come up with out-of-the box-ideas and a number of other things to push forward change in our communities.”

Adding that the city was a “publicity target” under the “previous president,” Breed seemed to point the finger at Donald Trump. Jesse Watters, anchor of “The Five,” noted that even longtime leftists like Al Sharpton have come to the conclusion that the far left has grown out of control.

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Sharpton remarked that individuals who call themselves “progressive” but disregard violent crime are “not progressive” at a gathering for his National Action Network in New York City.

We got to stop using progressive as a noun and use it as an adjective, meaning you’re labeled ‘progressive’, but your action is ‘regressive’ – ‘I’m woke’? You must think I’m asleep,he said.

According to Watters’s speculation, this might be the first time that Sharpton and fellow New Yorker Jeanine Pirro have agreed on anything. Like Mayor Breed, Pirro believes that the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Democratic California State Representative Nancy Pelosi, should not be considered a crime.

To which Pirro responded, “If they’re saying that only street crime is the kind of crime that can be linked to the city, she has more than enough of it,” laying the blame on the efforts of San Francisco Democrats to defund the police force.

Greg Gutfeld, the show’s host, said that those who are trying to pin down why Lee was killed are doing “the worst victory lap I’ve ever seen.” “It’s kind of weird when like, one person’s last moments are now a political boast,” said Gutfeld.

The [thought] that this somehow restores S.F.’s golden reputation because it wasn’t a random murder. How pathetic is that? And that somehow Bob Lee’s death disproves all other deaths — so this is a murder that they’re OK with?” he said.

“How bad is it for a city? This is your relief. I mean, it is disgusting. And, you know, you’ve reached peak absurdity when Al Sharpton says we got to get tough on crime.”

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