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Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Undergoes Surgery

Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, the disgraced son of Queen Elizabeth II, revealed on a recent edition of her podcast that she undergone a single mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

During an episode of “Tea Talks With the Duchess & Sarah,” a brand-new weekly podcast that she co-hosts with the businesswoman Sarah Thomson, Sarah Ferguson revealed that the diagnosis came after a regular mammography.

Although Ms. Ferguson omitted the date of the procedure, she did mention that the podcast was being recorded the day before it was scheduled to take place. The podcast claims that Ms. Ferguson had no symptoms and did not discover a lump.

A recent tweet from Sarah Ferguson thanking his well-wishers:

Ms. Ferguson, 63, said, “It’s very important that I speak about it,” noting that both her father and stepfather passed away from cancer.

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I want everyone who listens to this podcast to be checked, so I’m telling folks out there, she said.

Beginning at age 50, women in Britain can receive routine mammograms under the National Health Service. All women in the United States should begin routine breast cancer screening at age 40, according to a recommendation made this year by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which develops guidelines for preventive care. The prior suggested age was 50.

A spokesman informed The Associated Press that Ms. Ferguson’s surgery was successful and that she had a positive outlook. The King Edward VII Hospital in London, which has long provided care for members of the British royal family, released Ms. Ferguson.

Ms. Ferguson has a long history of involvement with the Teenage Cancer Trust, a British charity that supports children and teenagers with cancer. According to the organization’s website, Ms. Ferguson inaugurated the trust’s first specialized cancer unit in a London hospital in 1990.

She claimed that her stepfather’s death at the age of 50 motivated her to get engaged with cancer charity.

In 1986, Ms. Ferguson wed Prince Andrew in London’s Westminster Abbey. Ten years later, they got divorced, but they still live together in Windsor. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are their two daughters, and they also have three grandkids.

Ms. Ferguson, often known as “Fergie,” has long been a fixture in British publications, which have speculated about her weight, her romantic history, her divorce, and her exclusion from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 nuptials.

She has since launched her podcast, published historical novels and children’s books in what may be considered a comeback.

After receiving her new diagnosis, she stated on Monday’s program that she was concentrating on getting healthy and fit.

There’s no other option, and I’m out of excuses, she added. “I must be healthy and strong in order to undergo this procedure.”

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