Schiff Proposes Sharing Trump Affidavit Details With Congress

California Democrat Adam Schiff said Sunday that Congress should see at least some of the sealed affidavit for a warrant to search former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The DOJ is concerned that disclosing the complete document could endanger the ongoing investigation and witnesses.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Schiff said that he did not want Congress or anyone else to interfere with the DOJ’s probe, but that he hoped material relevant to national security would be shared with lawmakers.

If the affidavit is not shared with Congress, “any material is in that affidavit that bears on a danger to the national security information included in those documents,” he said, should be.

The chair of the House Intelligence Committee noted that the affidavit could shed light on the DOJ’s knowledge and its source.

For example, you might find out if any eyewitnesses saw someone tampering with the documents or entering or leaving the area where the documents were kept. Schiff stated, “You could find out if fraudulent statements were made regarding whether or not they had given up the secret information.” The potential for insight is high. Yet, it is precisely the Justice Department’s predicament.

Unsealed documents and the search warrant were released last week, showing that the ex-home president was being searched for evidence of criminal activity after he left office. According to reports, eleven boxes of secret paperwork were discovered during the search of Mar-a-Lago.

After indicating he would release a redacted version of the affidavit, a federal magistrate judge ordered the DOJ to submit a redacted draft plan to him by Thursday.

Trump has pushed for the unredacted document’s release, but the DOJ has maintained it should remain sealed because doing so could jeopardize the probe.

“I think the Justice Department makes a powerful case that, at this early stage of the investigation, when it could jeopardize the pursuit of justice, this is not the time to be giving, essentially, the Trump lawyers a road map into how to intimidate witnesses or how to derail a legitimate investigation,” said Schiff.

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The California congressman warned that releasing the affidavit, which could contain information about witnesses, could endanger sources.

We have witnessed the former president accuse everyone who blows the whistle on his administration of treason and take retaliatory action against them. After the Mar-a-Lago search, there was an increase in threats against the FBI, prompting Schiff to say, “And, of course, we have seen the president’s incendiary speech already inspire someone to go to an FBI building with an assault weapon who was shot to death by the FBI protecting itself.”

During the probe, Schiff said, “I’d like to make sure that we conduct our oversight of that, but that we do it in such a way as not to endanger the pursuit of justice.”