Scooter Battery Suspected For Fatal Queens Blaze

The blaze that killed an 8-year-old girl in Queens was started by a lithium battery from her brother’s new electric scooter, fire authorities and neighbors claimed Sunday, as they recalled the frantic fruitless struggle to save the youngster.

The girl was rescued first by the fireman. A local man named Daniel Calle, 27, witnessed the couple as they were walking down the street with the woman in his arms. It appeared as if she had fallen asleep.

They had been tending to her very carefully. Her chest was being pounded by their hands. In spite of this, she remained still.

Dora Dellis, a 72-year-old local resident, said, “There were approximately six or seven people around her.”

A tearful scene involving the landlord’s wife.

What she was really saying was, “I don’t care about the house. The witness emphasized, “I don’t want the girl to die.”

Fire officials blamed an electric scooter for starting the blaze, and the landlord confirmed that the family had just purchased the scooter for one of the teen sisters.

The landlord made fun of the scooter, saying, “They just got that dumb contraption.” They probably acquired it a month or a month and a half ago. In most cases, you can count on finding the bicycle right here. Even though [the girl’s father] claimed it was for his kid, he uses it himself.

Authorities have identified the deceased teen as Stephanie Villa Torres, and they say she died of smoke inhalation at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens.

The owner of the building said she was a “calm young kid. Beautifully charming.

According to him, the victim was “extremely bashful” when he first met her and her family. In an effort to remain unseen, she retreated.

The rest of the time she was quite nice. Then she’d greet you. It was just here, in front of my door, the day before,” he added.

Together with her mom, she entered the room. “Hey Stephanie, how are you?” Greetings were returned with a “Hi” from her end. She was a joyful, gentle young lady.

Reports indicate that the fire started at a building with many units on 130th Street in College Point around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Likewise, Stephanie’s father and brother were said to be in Jacobi Hospital Medical Center with stable conditions.

Fire and Building Department personnel from the city responded on Sunday.