Scrub Daddy Net Worth: What Did He Do For Living?

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Scrub Daddy Early Life

Aaron Krause has always been a driving force of innovation. When he opened his own car-washing business and found that the commercially available buffing and polishing pads fell short of his expectations, he set out to create his own. In 2008, 3 M acquired the rights to the polishing pad patent.

But they didn’t buy Krause’s sponges, which he invented to remove grease and grime from his fingers after tinkering with machines. They’re in the recycling bin.

Applying this knowledge, Krause scrubbed some patio furniture with a discarded sponge and noticed that the sponge’s texture changed depending on the water temperature. He then used this knowledge to find Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy Personal Life

Aaron Krause and Stephanie Krause tied the knot in 2010; the couple now has two children, a boy named Bryce and a daughter named Sophie. Like his products, Aaron Krause’s marital relationship is a success, with no major hiccups to speak of.

Above and beyond that, Aaron has the family he always wanted: a doting wife and children who have his back no matter what. Aaron Krause comes from a long line of doctors. After he completed college, his parents had a serious talk with him regarding his future.

But Krause viewed things differently. Following discussions with his parents, he settled on starting a car wash business. To him, he was the CEO of his own company, not a car washer. His parents, being his parents, naturally disapproved. The Krauses were ultimately persuaded by the outcome, which is great news.

What Does “Scrub Daddy” Mean?

What Does "Scrub Daddy" Mean?

Scrub Daddy, invented by Aaron Krause, is a patented dual-textured foam. The bristles of a good scrub brush can go from soft to stiff to match the temperature of the water.

The firmness of a sponge can be easily alleviated by soaking it in hot water for a few minutes. For tasks that require more of a harsh touch, try using cold water. This is how easily it can be explained. The sponge is gentle enough to use on glass and other delicate surfaces without damaging them.

Sponge with a cheerful face design that also works. The perforations are ideal for removing dirt off fingers or tools, and the angled shape is practical for cleaning both sides of a tool at once.

Background on the Scrub Daddy Charity

Let’s set up some time for learning about the past next. Initially, there was a young man named Aaron Krause who, much to the chagrin of his loved ones, was perpetually devising new inventions. In 1992, he graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in psychology and marketing.

A pivotal moment occurred two years later when he started cleaning cars in Pennsylvania. He was having a rough go of it until he scratched an automobile while trying to polish it. Thus, he conceptualized the first Scrub Daddy product, an innovative new type of buffing pad.

In 2008, 3M Company purchased the rights to produce and sell the buffing pad. He used to be a detailer, and it was when he was working with dirty hands that he came up with his most brilliant idea. To improve the condition of his hands, he mixed various chemicals to make Scrub Daddy.

Later on, Aaron Krause stopped believing that his “Scrub Daddy” product would be well received. Nonetheless, his luck changed when Lori Greiner, the self-proclaimed “Queen of QVC,” offered him $200,000 and connected him with large retailers like Walmart, Target, etc.

Shark Tank Debut of “Scrub Daddy”

Krause’s appearance on QVC paid off, as all stock was purchased within eight minutes. While he knew his business had great potential, he knew they had only just begun to tap into it. After seeing an episode of Shark Tank, he and his wife thought it may be a good method to raise capital for their growing firm.

In 2012, the Sharks were impressed by his presentation because of his high level of intensity and interest. His initial $100,000 offer was for only a 10% stake in the business. Even when Kevin O’Leary, or Mr. Wonderful, offered Aaron a 50% discount on the same product, he politely declined.

Scrub Daddy Net Worth

According to Forbes, Scrub Daddy net worth is $250 million thanks to his cleaning equipment empire. It’s no secret that Aaron Krause‘s Scrub Daddy, a maker of cleaning supplies, is one of the most profitable businesses on the show.

The versatile polymer sponge with a cheerful face sells like hotcakes. In October of this year, Scrub Daddy was valued at $209 million, and the company projects that by 2022, it would have earned over $100 million in sales.

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