Search For 4-year-old Oklahoma Girl Athena Brownfield Is Now A Recovery Operation

According to statements made by Oklahoma authorities on Monday, the hunt for Athena Brownfield, who is only four years old but has been missing for nearly a week, is now being referred to as a “recovery operation.”A

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has stated that its agents, together with their partners at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP), have explored regions of Caddo County in an effort to locate the remains of the toddler.

On January 10, 2023, Brownfield was reported missing after her sister Alysia Adams, who was five years old at the time, was discovered by a postal carrier outside the family house in Cyril, Oklahoma, without the supervision of an adult. The Cyril Police Department was alerted by the postal carrier, and they immediately began their investigation.

Ivon Adams, age 36, was taken into custody in Arizona on Thursday and charged with one count of child negligence. Adams was Brownfield’s caretaker. On Friday, the accusations against Adams were increased to those of first-degree murder. Alysia Adams, 31, was taken into custody by Oklahoma officials earlier on two counts of child neglect, according to a statement released by the bureau late on Thursday.

On Friday, Alysia Adams remained incarcerated in the Caddo County Jail in Oklahoma. According to the OSBI, Alysia Adams is Ivon The FBI did not disclose any other information regarding the arrests. It was not clear whether either Adams had a lawyer to speak on their behalf or not.

The girls had been looked after by Alysia and Ivon Adams, and Athena’s sister was placed in the custody of the state for her own protection, according to the bureau. The authorities have stated that their leading theory is that Athena was last seen wearing a hoodie with a butterfly design on it when she vanished.

Volunteers and numerous law enforcement agencies have been participating in the search for Cyril. The search has included the use of a helicopter, boats, all-terrain vehicles, a specially trained ground crew, and an examination of security video from surrounding Cyril.

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