Seat Belt Rescues Lady Who Crashed Into NH Bridge And River

On Saturday, a driver in New Hampshire hit a bridge and sent her car plunging into the river below. The cops believe she was only able to survive because she was wearing her seat belt.

Around 12:54 a.m., troopers from the New Hampshire State Police were dispatched to the Taylor River Bridge in Hampton. A 2015 Honda Pilot was discovered on its side in the Taylor River with significant damage.

Seat Belt Rescues Lady Who Crashed Into Nh Bridge And River
Seat Belt Rescues Lady Who Crashed Into Nh Bridge And River

Police said the unidentified motorist was freed from the wreckage and sent to Portsmouth Regional Hospital for treatment.

According to preliminary investigations, a southbound Honda veered off the road and crashed through the median. The car then flew into the air after colliding with the Taylor Bridge, rolled into the lake, and landed on its passenger side. The woman was wearing her seatbelt, which is credited with preventing more serious injuries.

Following the incident, state police reported that three lanes of Interstate 95 were closed for around two hours.

Seabrook public safety personnel, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, and the New England Truck Center all pitched in to help the state police.

State Police have stated that while the collision is still being investigated, distracted driving and excessive speed appear to be contributing causes.

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