Second Driver Arrested In Fatal Street Racing Crash That Injured 3 People

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, deputies have taken into custody the second driver who was allegedly street racing before causing a significant collision on Highway 90 on the Southwest Side on Wednesday night.

In Medina County, 19-year-old Dawson Jerald McCulley was detained on Friday. He is charged with eight felonies, four of which are for seriously injuring another person while racing on a roadway, according to Salazar. The other four are for seriously injuring another person while failing to stop and offer aid.

Hammer John Felan, 33, the first driver detained, was hauled into custody on Thursday. In addition to two counts of racing on the highway causing significant bodily harm or death, he is also charged with one count of injury to a minor, one count of racing on the highway, one count of racing without a license, and one count of racing on the highway. His debts are in excess of $325,000.

Salazar referred to Friday’s arrest of McCulley as a “grim reminder of the perils of street racing.”

Just before nine o’clock, according to sheriff Javier Salazar, On Wednesday, McCulley, who is thought to be driving a white Volkswagen GTI with a black stripe, was being chased by Felan, who was operating a Pontiac GTO in the westbound lanes.

Felan lost control close to WT Montgomery Road, slammed into the median, and finally found himself in the eastbound lanes, where he struck another car.

A 40-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter were sent for treatment at University Hospital after suffering significant injuries.

Salazar claimed on Friday that the child’s injuries required the removal of a portion of her bowel due to their severity.

Salazar stated, “This little kid is paying the consequence for someone else’s carelessness.”

Felan’s car’s passenger suffered severe and serious injuries. Although Felan and his passenger have the same last name, the sheriff stated on Thursday that it is uncertain how they are related.

She suffered some rather severe wounds. She had surgery all morning, according to Salazar, who spoke about the passenger on Wednesday.

Salazar claimed he was unaware of whether Felan knew the driver of the black-striped Volkswagon GTI that he is suspected of racing.

According to the sheriff, alcohol is not thought to have had a role in this incident.

Street racing is “not a victimless crime, not a harmless crime,” according to Salazar, who labeled it an epidemic.

They are acting with a great deal of contempt for human life, including their own and the lives of their passengers, according to Salazar.

Anyone with information on the crash or dashcam footage of the street racing is urged to get in touch with BCSO by phone at 210-335-6070 or by email at Please get in touch with 911 if you observe someone racing on the road.

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