South Carolina Beach Shooting on Senior Skip Day Leaves 6 Injured

On Friday afternoon, gunfire injured at least six people at a South Carolina beach that was partially occupied by high school students taking part in a “senior skip day.” Five of the six injured were juveniles, according to Isle of Palms Police Chief Kevin Cornett, while one was an adult.

According to Cornett, the shooting started at 5:20 p.m. on Friday, after police had already been to the beach to break up two conflicts. Cornett stated during a press conference that “a large number of folks that evidently were part of a group from senior skip day had assembled on the beach.”

Shots were fired during one of the fights, and “there were a handful of other fights that took place.” Cornett stated that his agency has many suspects captured, but they do not yet know if they have the actual shooter in custody. Several guns were found by police and the beach was closed after the event.

Senior skip day shooting At South Carolina Beach

As per reports of ABC,

“We have weapons recovered, but at this time we cannot confirm that these were the guns used in the event,” Cornett added.

Hundreds of beachgoers can be seen fleeing the area in the video taken at the scene of the gunshot amidst the sound of screams and police sirens.

Authorities reported that several victims self-transported to a nearby hospital, however some were taken there by ambulance. According to Cornett, numerous local, state, and federal agencies responded to the shooting.

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While seniors engaging in the “skip day” tradition took the Friday before Spring break off in droves, Cornett claimed his department had preemptively increased the number of police on duty in anticipation of the rise in beach activity.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, “it is heart-wrenching to learn of this senseless act of violence, especially so close to home,” as he expressed his feelings about the situation online. Isle of Palms is a city in Charleston County, South Carolina, that is on a barrier island and has a population of about 4000.

Senior “Skip Day”should have been a pleasant time for high school students,” said South Carolina representative Nancy Mace. It’s so tragic and horrifying.

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