After Two Days of Deadly Shootings, Hundreds of Serbian Special Forces Search for Gunman

Serbian special forces in the hundreds are searching for the shooter responsible for the country’s second mass shooting in as many days, which left at least eight people dead and 13 others injured.

The country’s Interior Ministry said that the slaughter occurred at 11 p.m. on Thursday in the village of Dubona. According to RTS, the perpetrator fired multiple shots from an automatic rifle before fleeing the scene.

Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic has identified the 21-year-old male gunman as Uros B., and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. According to national broadcaster RTS, authorities have deployed helicopters and thermal imaging cameras in their search for the attacker, who is believed to have been a member of the Serbian Special Forces.

Serbian Special Forces Launch Manhunt for Gunman
Serbian Special Forces Launch Manhunt for Gunman

N1, a CNN affiliate, reports that police have sealed off the area where they think he may be hiding. Belgrade and Smederevo police forces, as well as an anti-terrorism team and a helicopter unit, have been called into action.

The Ministry of the Interior released photos of Minister Gasic at the scene. The Interior Ministry confirmed to CNN that they are investigating this as a domestic terrorist crime, but provided no further specifics. N1 stated that family members of the wounded were beginning to arrive at the Mladenovac Emergency Center.

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All available patrols have been dispatched in the direction of Mladenovac and Mali Po’arevac, it continued, as the criminal is on the run. Images show police closing off highways and armed security guards allowing ambulances past.

The roadway between Dubona and Belgrade, Serbia, is lined with police cars at daybreak as officials conduct a search. This comes after news broke the day before that a 13-year-old kid in Belgrade opened fire on his fellow students at a school. At least eight children and a security guard were killed in that shooting.

Despite the high percentage of gun ownership in Serbia, major shootings were uncommon until this week. The years of conflict in the 1990s left Serbia with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in Europe and the fifth-highest rate in the world.

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