Serial R*pist Arrested in California

California police are seeking potential victims of a recently apprehended suspect, 35-year-old Walnut Creek resident Brandon Delliquadri. He was taken into custody on July 7 and charged with four felony counts of forcible rape and one felony count of rape of an unconscious victim.

Authorities Believe Suspect Connected to Multiple Sexual Assaults

According to police officials, Delliquadri is allegedly linked to “several” sexual assaults that have occurred over the past few years.

In an effort to gather more evidence, the Walnut Creek Police Department has issued a statement urging other potential victims to come forward.

An Appeal for Victims to Step Forward

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation, authorities have encouraged victims to come forward and report any relevant information related to the case. In a Facebook post, the police department emphasized their understanding of the challenges faced by victims in speaking out.

Confidential Reporting Options Available

To facilitate anonymous reporting, the authorities have set up an anonymous tip line alongside their regular contact number. Individuals with information are urged to reach out to the police at 925-943-5844 or use the anonymous tip line at 925-943-5865.

Walnut Creek Police Actively Investigating the Case

Emphasizing the seriousness of the matter, the Walnut Creek Police Department has launched an active investigation into the suspected rapist’s alleged crimes. The authorities are committed to uncovering all relevant information and ensuring justice for any victims involved.

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