Shark attack in California Injures Swimmer, Authorities Say

A shark attacked a swimmer in California on Wednesday, inflicting serious injuries, according to authorities.

Assault occurred at 10:35 am near Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, a Monterey County settlement of around 15,000 people south of San Jose, according to police.

According to a press release from the police, several swimmers stepped in to assist the man.

The search for the shark was aided by the use of an airborne drone, but no sign of it has been found. The police department has ordered the closure of all beaches in Pacific Grove until Saturday as a precaution.

NBC station KSBW in Salinas reported that Pacific Grove City Council member Joe Amelia said the man was a surfer who had received major injuries to his stomach and a leg.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, shark attacks on humans are extremely rare in the Golden State.

This is the second shark-related injury in California this year, according to a representative for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In February, a diver had a minor foot injury while snorkeling at San Miguel Island.

It’s the 109th time a human has been injured by a shark in California since 1950, according to the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

According to the Fish and Wildlife Department’s website, two individuals have died and six others have been injured in shark encounters in California in the 2020s.

The shark attack on Wednesday was the second one to be reported near Lovers Point. According to Macintyre, the first incident occurred in 1952, and the victim perished.

According to her, the type of shark involved in the attack on Wednesday will be identified through DNA testing.

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