Sheriff’s Deputy From Los Angeles County Is Charged With Be@ting A Child In Lancaster

According to department officials and papers examined by The Times, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s officer who had already been suspended was detained earlier this month on suspicion of mistreating his 5-year-old son.

Jim Devoe, a deputy assigned to the Lancaster Station, was detained on May 1 on suspicion of felony child abuse.

Since the source was not authorized to speak with the media, they agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity.

Devoe texted the boy’s mother to inform her that the boy had been hurt after falling from his bike, which prompted authorities to launch an investigation. The boy had severe bruising and swelling on his face, the paper reveals, and the mother noticed this as soon as she arrived at Devoe’s house to pick up both of their kids.

We have the reference of this news from Los Angeles Times, which is tweeted by them below.

Despite being divorced, Devoe and the mother of the kid share two children, one of which is the victim, according to the affidavit.

The youngster and his brother both said Devoe had punched the toddler when questioned by Sheriff’s Department investigators at a local hospital, according to the record.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement saying that it “expects all of its members to hold themselves to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.”

“Department members who engage in misconduct, especially criminal misconduct that preys on a vulnerable population, will not be tolerated. They will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Devoe was unavailable for comment, and it wasn’t immediately clear if he was represented by counsel. His release later that day on a $100,000 bail is documented in the records.

The rank-and-file deputies’ union, the Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, claimed to be uninformed of the situation.

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