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Sheriff’s Office: Mother Fatally Stabbed 5-year-old Girl

Sheriff's Office: Mother Fatally Stabbed 5-year-old Girl

Sheriff's Office: Mother Fatally Stabbed 5-year-old Girl

On Sunday afternoon, a woman confessed to stabbing her 5-year-old daughter to death before bringing her corpse to a Tomball hospital. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that the girl had suffered one fatal “incision” to the neck.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Ben Beall, a 35-year-old lady admitted to killing her daughter to medical staff at HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball, where nurses found her corpse in the car and declared her dead at 12:20 p.m.

Tomball Police, who also arrived, were informed the mother claimed she had stabbed her daughter at Spring Creek Park, but they found no physical or forensic proof of a murder at the park or in the car. Beall said that authorities were still looking at the crime scene.

The coroner’s office has left the crime site. A laceration to the child’s neck is consistent with the mother’s account, but “at this time we feel that she was probably murdered somewhere other than inside the car,” Beall said. The 35-year-old was taken into prison and interrogated by authorities on Sunday afternoon.

It was not immediately clear whether the lady had a history of child abuse or violence that had been reported to state services, although she had past encounters with police owing to her homelessness. Beall said that detectives lacked “any verified information on the woman, the child’s history with CPS, or any medical documents.”

As of Sunday afternoon, investigators knew the father’s name and were making attempts to contact him; but, the girl’s identity was not released since he had not been formally told.

Beall said, “I’ve been in homicide for 28 years, and my guess is that if charges are brought, it will be a capital murder case. In our experience, this is a rare occurrence. When this occurs, we make it a priority to gather every piece of evidence and forward it on to the district attorney as soon as possible so that the case may be prosecuted thoroughly.

Three years ago, a mother of two in the Houston region was arrested and charged with murder in the beating death of her 5-year-old daughter. In early 2022, she received a sentence of 40 years in jail.

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