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Shocking Violence on Memorial Day: Hollywood Beach Broadwalk Shooting Leaves 9 Injured, Including Children

Shocking Violence on Memorial Day

Shocking Violence on Memorial Day

On Monday, after an argument escalated into a sh*oting on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, nine individuals, including children, were taken to local hospitals. According to Hollywood Police Spokesperson Deanna Bettineschi, the department received reports of numerous shooting victims along Johnson Street following an incident between two parties.

Bettineschi reported that nine people, including four children, were sh*t and sent to Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Five individuals, ages 25 to 65, were also sent to the hospital. Police said one person was undergoing surgery but the others were in stable condition.

One suspect was taken into custody, and the police believe another is still at large. “Thank you to the good samaritans, paramedics, police and emergency room doctors and nurses for their immediate response to aid the victims of today’s shooting,” Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy said in a post on Facebook.

I heard like three gunshots and I just see a wave of people running off, like screaming and running out,” Marvin Mikhail said. The commotion that ensued as paramedics rushed the sh*oting victims to the hospital’s trauma center was reported by a patient at Memorial Regional Hospital who was unrelated to the incident.


“There was a whole bunch of traumas and we were hearing it off the speakers all through our visit here,” Cheyenne Ramos said. “It was pretty intense there were a lot of nurses in and out of the emergency room trying to see what was going on because there was so many people coming in.”

In addition to the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, people were asked to stay out of the area bounded by Johnson and Garfield Streets. At the bus terminal on Johnson Street and North Ocean, people can meet up again. Memorial Day weekend has brought a swarm of tourists to South Florida’s beaches, including the Broadwalk.

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