Shooter Sentenced to 92 Years for Attempted Murder of Linn County Deputy

A man from Chicago who shot and hurt a Linn County sheriff’s deputy will spend up to 92 years in jail if he is found guilty in 2021.

Stanley Donahue, who was 38 years old when he was caught in June 2021, was charged with trying to kill a police officer, multiple counts of robbery, trafficking in stolen guns, and many other crimes. At his trial in February, he was found guilty of 10 crimes. On Friday, he was sentenced to a maximum of 92 years in jail for a mix of concurrent and consecutive prison terms.

Because of the mandatory minimum sentences for a few of the charges, he would not be available for parole until he had served 60 years.

Donahue was caught after he robbed Casey’s store in Coggon, 20 miles northeast of Cedar Rapids. He threatened two workers and forced them into the walk-in cooler of the store. As he was leaving the shop, he ran into Linn County Deputy Will Halverson.

He shot Halverson seven times, took his gun, and drove away in a car. He was being chased by police, but he crashed and got away into a rural area. The next day, police found him walking along a nearby road and caught him.

Halverson Was Badly Hurt

Halverson was badly hurt, but he has gone back to work. He was wearing a protective vest. He went to the trial and said that Donahue was the one who shot him. The Cedar Rapids Gazette said that after Donahue was found guilty, he looked at Halverson and said, “It should have been worse than it was.”

Halverson told Donahue at his sentencing on Friday that the shooting had changed his life and the lives of his friends and family forever, but that he planned to move on with his life and enjoy his freedom while Donahue is in jail.

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“Don’t waste your time there. Halverson said in his victim impact statement, “Use your time to change your life, for your family and for yourself. If you don’t want to change and make something of your life, the little life you’ll have left, that’s fine. It’s up to you.”

For customers: The nephew of Marshalltown Casey’s murder victim knows him as a father figure and basketball fan.

At trial, Donahue’s lawyers said that DNA and other proof linking him to the crime were not conclusive and didn’t rule out other suspects. In court filings after the trial, they repeated this argument and said that Iowa rules that make it more illegal to shoot a police officer are unconstitutional. Donahue, on the other hand, was not given a new hearing by the court.

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