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The Technical School in Manassas is Shocked by a Shooting and a Deadly Stabbing

Shooting at Technical School in Manassas

The deaths of two individuals on school property on Tuesday afternoon have left many JATC/NECA technical school students in shock. To learn how to become certified electricians, students attend JATC/NECA.

Witnesses FOX 5 spoke with claimed the suspect was a pupil there. They stated he was calm, but they don’t know what triggered him on Tuesday.

The entire vicinity of the school has been cordoned off by the Prince William County Police Department while detectives gather information and look for a possible motive.

Just after 3:20 p.m., according to the agency, police were called to the technical school located in the 7000 block of Infantry Ridge Road and Battlefield Parkway in response to a report of a person carrying a knife.

Chief of Police for Prince William County, Peter Newsham, stated that after seeing the suspect at the front door, multiple officers opened fire, killing the individual.

According to Newsham, the knife that they think the suspect used to stab two persons inside the building before police arrived has been found. According to Newsham, one man passed away and the other is hospitalised in critical condition.

“That someone would have gone insane and done what they did to whoever had passed away is just really unsettling. “We are all sorry to hear about that,” FOX 5 spoke with Raymond, a JATC/NECA student.’

“It is horrific.” said Chief Newsham. “Someone comes to this place for training, and the next thing you know, one of them has passed away and another is fighting for his life in a nearby hospital.” I simply cannot fathom the suffering that these families are enduring at this time.”

The suspect’s name has not been made public by PWCPD. Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing. The suspect was shot by officers who were wearing body cameras, and the school’s CCTV footage is available online. The agency has 30 days to determine whether to release it, according to Chief Newsham.

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