Shooting At Walmart Leaves 1 Dead And 1 Injured

Authorities responded to an active shooter scenario on Thursday night, Evansville Central Dispatch has confirmed.

According to dispatch, this occurred at the Evansville Walmart on South Red Bank Road. At first, the call came in at 9:59 o’clock at night.

According to Sgt. Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department, when police arrived on the scene, they entered the building right away.

Officers arrived at the incident pretty quickly and went straight to Walmart, according to Sgt. Gray. “The suspect’s description was provided to us. Officers then started searching for the culprit.

Deputies and police officers from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office also rushed to the incident, searching the building for the shooter.

According to Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson, “we immediately created a team with the Evansville Police Department, and we started looking for the threat.” You might remember the Columbine model from years ago, which describes how to contain a situation by securing the location while awaiting reinforcements. We no longer follow that model. To reduce the number of fatalities when there is active firing, we rush to the threat and eliminate it.

According to police, the male suspect started shooting at policemen as soon as law enforcement reached the structure. After that, the shooter was shot and killed by the police after they returned fire.

The threat has been eliminated, said EPD.

According to Sgt. Gray, at least one victim of gunfire was taken to the hospital, but there may be further casualties. The victim’s injuries are unknown at this moment in terms of their seriousness.

Anyone who was hurt during the incident is being urged to call the police, according to officials.

When more information becomes available, we will update this report.

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